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12 Free Best Fake Walmart Receipt Generator (replica creator) Websites [2023]

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Here we will discuss the best Walmart receipt generator websites (i.e. fake Walmart receipt replica generator) and tools that are available to use for free. After reading it you should be able to know-

  • How to make a fake Walmart receipt replica?
  • What are the essential components of a genuine Walmart receipt?
  • Is it legal to create a fake receipt?
  • What are the free best fake Walmart receipt generator websites and tools?
  • Any other frequently asked questions related to generating fake Walmart receipts.

Let’s start with the importance of receipts and why there is a need for fake Walmart receipt generator websites.

Receipts are important when you shop either online or offline. You keep them safe for various purposes including warranty proof, return of the products, etc. Usually, receipts are given in paper format especially when we do offline shopping from stores like Walmart. In this article, we will discuss how to generate a fake Walmart receipt for free. Here is a sample for your reference (Image Credit: www.receiptfont.com)

There can be various purposes for generating a fake Walmart receipt. The first and most common purpose is if the original receipt is lost. Few people generate fake Walmart receipts just for fun too. There are a few people who generate fake receipts to defraud the retail chain which is illegal and far away from the intention of this article.

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12 Free Fake Walmart Receipt Generator Tools

1. ExpressExpense

Express Expense is one of the best free fake Walmart receipt generator tools or fake expense receipt creator tools. You can create fake receipts from a wide range of shopping stores including Walmart.

ExpressExpense is great if you want to keep a fake copy of the original receipt so that even if you miss the original one, you will have a fake copy of that. The font of this Walmart receipt template is a replica of the thermal printer fonts used at Walmart stores. So the receipts generated are as real as the original.

Express Expense is best in the fake Walmart receipt generator tools segment. They offer additional features like-

  • Remove watermark
  • Matching Font with Walmart receipt
  • Itemized Receipt
  • Parking Receipt
  • Gas station Receipt
  • Custom Logo Receipt

ExpenseExpress is free with basic features, but they have premium plans for extended use as well. So, if you have such requirements, you can go ahead and start using them. Their international receipt templates support USD, Euro, etc. It is one of the best fake Walmart receipt generator tools out there.

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MakeReceipt is another one of the best fake Walmart receipt generator websites available for free. It is an online platform that offers a comprehensive array of receipt templates, including ones resembling Walmart receipts.

Additionally, this easy-to-use tool allows you to customize the receipt with relevant details, such as store information, purchase items, prices, and more. With its realistic formatting and accurate fonts, MakeReceipt ensures that the generated receipts appear genuine.

Please note that this platform offers a convenient download option for immediate access to your receipts. However, you may need to make a purchase for a watermark-free version.

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3. Custom Receipt Maker

The third free fake Walmart receipt generator website on our list is ‘Custom Receipt Maker’. No fancy words just termed as the job it does.

What sets Custom Receipt Maker apart as a top-notch fake receipt generator tool is its remarkable simplicity. Unlike many others, this tool does not require any sign-up process or impose any fees, making it incredibly user-friendly and accessible to all.

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4. FreshBooks

If you are looking for a professional receipt generator then you can go with FreshBooks. FreshBooks accounting software makes creating professional invoices and receipts for your business super easy.

FreshBooks offers customizable invoice templates, the option to add a logo and do branding, and much more flexibility. Automatically send receipts for payments, and scan receipts that you receive for easy online storage.

Although you will have to do sign-up first to use this website they do offer a few services after sign-up. You can try this as a perfect fake Walmart receipt generator tool.

5. nuTemplates

nuTemplates is one of the best fake Walmart receipt creator tools. This tool has done a great job with its Walmart receipt generator with tons of features like adding logos, dates, items, costs, etc.

The receipt generated using this tool looks like a real Walmart receipt. So, you can easily create a copy of your original receipt in the same format. This one is the best when it comes to fake Walmart receipt generator tools.

6. Zintego

Zintego is another invoice generator website that is suitable for corporate to small-scale freelance user segments.

The templates offered at Zintego are professional looking and you can generate receipts as per your choice. Even you can use it as a fake Walmart receipt generator for fun.

7. Bills99

Bills99 is the next fake Walmart receipt generator tool on our list. If you are looking for a receipt to reimburse your expense, or you want to exchange something which you have bought by mistake, The Walmart style Bill Generator can give you a replica of the bill you have lost or misplaced.

Moreover, with authentic and real-looking fake Walmart receipts generated using this tool, you can prank your friends or family too! Bills99 is the perfect Walmart-style receipt generator tool that lets you create invoices and receipts as per your needs and preferences with tons of customization features.

You can use Bills99 to create fake Walmart receipts for free but that will contain a Bills99 watermark and you may have to buy a subscription to get rid of those watermarks and more flexibility.

Here is an example of a receipt generated using Bills99 (Created for fun)-

8. Receiptish

Receiptish is a popular mobile application available for both Android and iOS devices. This app provides an efficient solution for generating fake Walmart receipts on the go.

As a mobile app, Receiptish’s user-friendly interface allows you to input purchase details and customize various aspects of the receipt, such as the store name, logo, and transaction details. Receiptish also offers additional features like expense tracking, making it an excellent choice for individuals managing their finances.

9. Burotechelp

This is one of the minimalistic tools to generate fake Walmart receipts. If you are a person who likes to-the-point stuff then you should definitely check it out.

When you visit this site you will see the form asking for details like item, description, tax rate, buyer and seller details, etc. Just fill in those details and your receipt will be ready.

Although this is a very minimalistic and easy-to-use tool, the receipt generated using this tool doesn’t look intuitive. If you are looking to generate the exact looking fake Walmart receipt then you should avoid this tool. However, you can use it to create a fake receipt of any of your original receipts for further use for free.

10. Invoice Generator

Generating professional invoices is made easy using this tool. This is one of the fake Walmart receipt generator tools that is made for a different purpose but we can use it for our fun.

You get a lot of flexible options including Invoice number, Date, logo, and many more other required options that you can fill out to generate the custom-made invoice. All the amounts you enter are automatically calculated to show the final bill. The tool has even tax options as well.

In order to generate a fake Walmart receipt you can fill in all details including the Walmart logo and generate a professional-looking fake Walmart receipt.

11. Invoice Home

Invoice Home is another professional invoice generator tool. This tool has tons of templates available to choose from which you can customize as per your requirement, and enjoy creating fake receipts.

You may have to go through the website and choose the best suitable template to customize and generate a fake Walmart receipt. You should definitely give it a try if you are looking for creating realistic-looking fake Walmart receipts for fun.

12. Walmart Receipt Generator Tool X

Walmart Receipt Generator Tool X is a powerful and user-friendly software designed to create realistic Walmart receipts. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, this tool allows you to generate receipts that closely resemble genuine Walmart receipts.

Simply input the necessary information, such as store location, items purchased, prices, and payment method, and let the tool do the rest. Walmart Receipt Generator Tool X is an excellent choice for both personal and business use.

FAQs related to fake Walmart receipt generator tools

Is creating/using a fake Walmart receipt at Walmart illegal?

Creating fake Walmart receipts is not illegal as long as you don’t use them for illicit intentions. If you want to use a fake Walmart receipt then it is perfectly illegal, and you can get imprisonment for attempted theft in Hanford with fake Walmart receipts.

What are the components of a genuine Walmart receipt?

Well, it depends from store to store. Some Walmart stores list the name and phone number of the manager while others use the store’s physical address on the receipt header. If you are looking to generate a realistic fake Walmart receipt then you should consider below point-

When you create a fake Walmart receipt, these numbers (ST#, OP#, TE#, and TR#) are randomly generated.

  • ST# – Walmart store number.
  • OP# – Cashier number, also called operator number.
  • TE# – Register number.
  • TR# – The register’s transaction number.
  • TC# – Barcode (if you return an item to Walmart, they will scan this barcode for verification.
  • On the right of the item price of a doctored Walmart receipt, you might see N, X, O, or T, etc. which means the taxing type of the item. See the taxing types below:
  • N: Nontaxable item
  • X: Taxable item
  • O: Sale item (nontaxable)
  • T: Sale item (taxable)
  • H: HSA (Health Spending Account) eligible item
  • F: Food item (eligible for Food Stamps)
  • K: Cashier manually keyed enter (if it did not scan properly).

What is the dimension of a Walmart receipt?

Walmart uses a thermal printer that generates receipts on thermal printer paper. The typical widths of these receipts are 58mm (2.283 inches) or 80mm (3.15 inches). Walmart also uses a custom thermal receipt paper that has a pre-printed image for security purposes.

Which font is used on Walmart receipts?

Walmart uses Helvetica font on their receipts. If you are looking to generate a real-looking fake Walmart receipt then you should install this fond in your tool first before creating a receipt.

Can a fake Walmart receipt (copy of an original receipt) be used to return items?

The short answer is yes if everything is perfect including the matching barcode. It is very difficult to create a replica of the exact barcode. If you fail to produce a receipt that doesn’t have a working barcode then you might land into trouble.

Closing Thoughts

Having access to reliable fake Walmart receipt generator tools can simplify various financial transactions, including replacements, warranty claims, or expense organization. The tools mentioned in this blog post, such as Walmart Receipt Generator Tool X, FakeReceipt.us, Receiptish, Custom Receipt Maker, and ExpressExpense, offer user-friendly interfaces, customizable features, and realistic formatting to generate authentic-looking receipts.

When using these tools, it’s essential to remember that generating fake receipts for illegal or unethical purposes is strictly prohibited. These tools are intended for personal and legitimate use only. By utilizing these tools responsibly, you can enhance your financial organization and simplify your day-to-day transactions.

In addition to that you can use such tools to prank your friends too. Apart from these two uses any other type of use of these fake receipts is illegal and is not at all advisable.

Please note that it’s always recommended to consult official sources and adhere to legal and ethical guidelines when handling receipts and financial documentation.

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