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7 Best Tools To Track Your Instagram Followers

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Instagram is an excellent platform for brand exposure and awareness, especially with millions of followers. That’s why you need effective tools to track your Instagram followers. These tools help you determine if your Instagram account is doing very well or not. It also lets you know if the amount spent to buy Instagram followers is worth it.

Many online tools are used to track Instagram followers, including Crowdfire, Hootsuite, Follower analyzer, SpamGuard app, Tasks Ant, FollowerMeter, and unfollowers for Instagram.

How do you track and monitor the success of your Instagram account? How also can you tell the type of engagement your story or post generates on Instagram? You need an Instagram follower tracking tool for better account management. Keep reading for more details below.

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Common Features Of All Instagram Followers Tool

Instagram followers’ tools track users who have just unfollowed you. They also track users who do not follow you in return. Below are other features of Instagram follower tools:

  • Instagram Followers tool enables you to keep a mutual relationship between your followers and those you follow.
  • The tools help you find mutual friends.
  • They enable you to search for people who share the same followers as you and people you interact with.
  • An Instagram follower tool enables you to make connections, network, and expand your account.
  • It lets you know which of your followers have not commented or liked your post. These followers are referred to as Ghost followers because they lower your engagement by not reacting to your content.
  • An Instagram follower tool lets you know which Instagram content is top-liked.

For more information on how to gain Instagram followers fast in 2022, watch this well-explained video.

Benefits Of Instagram Follower Tools

Instagram follower tools enable you to know your followers. The tools identify the ones that are most active on Instagram and the one that likes your content more. Below are other benefits of Instagram follower tools:

  • Let you know which Instagram followers engage more with your content by commenting, liking, and sharing.
  • Enable you to create very appealing content for your Instagram target audience.
  • Help you know the active and least active users that make up your Instagram community.
  • The Instagram Follower tool helps you know a fake Instagram follower.
  • Helps you detect any follower that unfollows you.

7 Tools To Track Your Instagram Followers

When a brand or influencer spends money on social media marketing, they need to know the level of progress on their Instagram advertising. Below are 7 tools to track your Instagram followers and monitor other changes:

#1 CrowdFire

A Crowdfire application is a versatile app available for iPhone and iPad users. This Instagram follower tracker gives you the benefit of a social media management tool. Below are other features Crowdfire offers:

  • Let you know the Instagram account you haven’t followed in return
  • Shows you Instagram accounts you followed and haven’t followed in return.
  • Enables you to track recent unfollowers and recent followers
  • Permits you know least and active accounts that follow you
  • You can easily unfollow anyone from Crossfire.
  • Easy to search for followers with other accounts
  • Enables account search through a keyboard

CrowdFire has a premium plan for 1 or 12 months. With a premium plan, you can easily link two social media networks to Crowdfire. You can also get access to other social media tools through the app.

Steps To Use Crowdfire On Instagram

  1. Download and launch the Instagram app on your phone
  2. Install the Crowdfire app and login
  3. Open the Crowdfire app and use your Instagram login to sign in
  4. Two new icons will show on your phone, Crowdfire and Publish
  5. Click on Crowdfire to make an Instagram post, edit, share, and delete

#2 Hootsuite

Hootsuite manages social networks and allows you to create a custom display of all linked networks. It can also be used to make a post to multiple social media accounts and manage tweets. Moreover, if you are managing a social media business account, Hootsuite can enable you to schedule posts and give good analytics.

Hootsuite is a free application compatible with iOS software. Other features of Hootsuite are:

  • Gather, analyze, and report analytics of all linked social media networks
  • Offers tips on the best time to make social media post
  • Monitors the top functioning employee who manages your social media account
  • Hootsuite tracks comments, mentions, and Instagram tags
  • Monitors likes and conversations relating to your social media account.

Steps To Use Hootsuite On Instagram

  1. Create an account: This can be done using Google, Twitter, or Facebook accounts.
  2. Put your social media platforms into the Hootsuite app.
  3. Add streams: This could be your Facebook news feed or any part of your social media you want to track.
  4. Create so many tabs: You can create a tab by clicking on the “+” button.
  5. Post messages: This feature is located at the top bar of your Hootsuite dashboard.
  6. Compose message: There’s a message compose box on your dashboard.

For more information on how to manage Instagram with Hootsuite, watch this YouTube video.

#3 Follower Analyzer

This is a free online application that can be downloaded by Android as well as iOS operating systems. It is a very good tracking and monitoring tool for Instagram analytics and insights. In addition, it has a very simple and easy user interface compared to the rest of Instagram follower tracking tools.

It is not a bad idea to see some statistics and the progress of your Instagram friends. The follower analyzer comes with these features to enable you to achieve this.

Below are other features of a Follower analyzer tool:

  • Helps you track unfollowers and new followers
  • Enables you to recognize users who don’t follow you in return
  • Shows you the Instagram account you don’t follow in return
  • See your top-watched videos
  • Displays top-commented and top-liked post

Step For Using Follower Analyzer

  1. Go to the following analyzer website
  2. Sign up and log in to your Instagram and other social media accounts
  3. Manage all accounts from the Follower analyzer platform
  4. Make a general post for all your social media platforms through the app’s dashboard

#4 SpamGuard App

This Instagram follower tool has unique features compared to the rest. One of those features is that the tool will wipe out and protect your Instagram account after signing up. This protection is short-term as well as long-term.

Below are other features of the SpamGuard Instagram app:

  • Security settings are customized
  • Enable users to keep to Instagram guidelines
  • Remove bots, fake followers, and inactive Instagram accounts
  • Offers analysis for Instagram audience
  • Increases profile engagement and reach
  • Protects your Instagram account from spam attack
  • Increases the possibility of your post being recommended to Instagram users

All the above features are not entirely free. Some of them are for premium or paid users. However, the price varies from account to account.

Steps For Using Spamguard App

  1. Download and install the SpamGuard app
  2. Sign up and log in
  3. Connect your Instagram, and other social media accounts to the SpamGuard application.
  4. Navigate and manage all social media accounts from SpamGuard

#5 Task Ant

Task Ant is a hashtag tool used on Instagram to choose the ideal hashtags for your content. It has over 40 hashtags picked through data, focused suggestions, and analysis. Task Ant also helps you generate insights and impressions to improve your visibility on Instagram through hashtags.

Task Ant is a paid social media tool and a follower tracking tool. This means its usage is not for free, but it is budget-friendly and flexible. Task Ant pricing plans consist of solo, growth, pro, and agency.

Below are other features of a Task Ant tool:

  • Used for hashtag analytics, hashtag search, and specialized hashtag
  • Enables you to know which hashtag is suitable for your Instagram account
  • Has content scheduler and content calendar
  • Task Ant has the most effective analytics for motoring all the activities on your Instagram account.

Steps For Using Task Ant

  1. Download the Task Ant mobile app
  2. Launch it and sign up
  3. Log into the app and sign in to your Instagram account
  4. Search a keyword on Task Ant and check if you like the hashtag. If you don’t, try another hashtag format.
  5. Manage your Instagram account directly from Task Ant

#6 FollowerMeter

This Instagram follower app offers a free and paid subscription and can be downloaded from Playstore or iOS. The paid subscription is either monthly, six-months, or yearly subscription plans. The free and paid versions both offer different features. Below are all features for both plans:

  • View who unfollowed you
  • Detects ghost followers
  • Identify users who saw your story but didn’t follow you
  • Monitor followers who did not follow you in return
  • Detects who checked your story the most
  • Search for followers who mostly licked your content
  • View who blocked your content
  • Shows post with the highest engagement
  • Track overall post engagement

Steps To Use Followermeter

  1. Use your Instagram account to sign up FollowerMeter
  2. Download the app and sign in with your Instagram account
  3. Navigate to the homepage to see all followers
  4. You can buy Instagram followers

#7 Unfollowers for Instagram

This tool can be downloaded from Google Playstore, and it comes with a set of free features. Also, the premium subscription users have unique features different from those of the usual features.

Below are the free features of the Unfollower app:

  • Monitor users who follow you but not vice-versa
  • Displays accounts that didn’t follow you in return
  • Shows your community users who follow each other
  • Keeps record of accounts who followed you the previous week

Below are the features for the paid or subscribed Unfollowers app:

  • Analysis of posts before posting
  • Provides an overview of popular posts
  • Offers a focuser analysis
  • Most engaged users’ identification
  • Analyze any account that does not follow you
  • Outlines accounts that have checked out your profile

Steps For The Usage Of Unfollowers Instagram App

  1. Login into your Instagram account
  2. Link this tool to your Instagram account
  3. You will see options like Run timers, User filters, Unfollow limits
  4. Click any category you want to implement a change.


Which Apps Are The Best For Tracking Instagram?

Most tools to track your Instagram followers share several similarities, but few are quite different. However, the best recommended Instagram tracking apps are Task Ant, SpamGuard, and Unfollowers Instagram app.

Which Of The Instagram Tracking Apps Offers Hashtag Capabilities?

The Task Ant gives hashtag capabilities and hashtag analytics for monitoring all the activities on your Instagram account.


The Instagram app comes with insights and analytics, but it’s not as comprehensive as that of a third-party follower app. These external applications, like Task Ant, SpamGuard, Hootsuite, etc., offer several features you can’t find on the Instagram app.

So, when considering the best tools to track your Instagram followers, consider the top choices we picked above. You can easily gain more followers by using the advanced features in the tools above to know your followers’ interests.

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