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20 Best Free Music Download Sites in 2023 [Safe and Legal]

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Here’s the list of the top 20 best free music download sites available in 2023. We’ll discuss the qualities, unique features, and demerits of each of these free music download websites.

Music is a universal language that touches our souls and elevates our spirits. With the rise of the internet, accessing and enjoying music has become easier than ever before. In this article, we present to you the top 20 best free music download sites, where you can explore and download your favorite tunes legally and at no cost. So, get ready to embark on a melodic journey filled with endless possibilities.

Before jumping to the list we would remind you that the music websites discussed here are free and downloading music doesn’t break any law. So download music from the top 20 best free music download sites and create your melody library without worry.

Here’s the list of handpicked best free music download websites that are completely legal and you can download music without any obligation.


The article presents a curated list of free music download sites based on available information and research up to its publication date.

It is important to note that the availability and legality of free music downloads may vary by country or region. Users are advised to check and comply with the copyright laws and regulations applicable in their respective jurisdictions before downloading or using any music from the recommended websites.

The article does not endorse or promote any illegal downloading or copyright infringement. Users should ensure that they have the necessary rights, permissions, or licenses to download and use the music for personal or non-commercial purposes.

20 Best Free Music Download Sites [Safe and Legal]

1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud stands out as one of the top-notch free music download sites available. It offers a remarkable platform for music enthusiasts, providing a vast collection of music at no cost. Established in 2007, SoundCloud has grown into one of the largest communities, housing a diverse array of artists, music creators, bands, and podcasters. Not only can you use it to share and showcase your own musical creations, but you can also discover and download music from other talented artists.

With its user-friendly interface, SoundCloud allows you to effortlessly search for your favorite bands and artists using the convenient search bar. Additionally, the platform offers a well-curated selection of Hindi songs, catering to a wide range of musical preferences. However, it’s worth noting that while the majority of the songs are available for free download, there are a few tracks that require you to show your appreciation by liking SoundCloud’s Facebook page before gaining access to download them.

One of the biggest highlights of SoundCloud is its recent inclusion among the best music streaming sites in India. This recognition further solidifies its status as a trusted platform for music enthusiasts. To legally download free music from SoundCloud, simply search for the desired track and click on the download button. With its commitment to legality and safety, SoundCloud ensures a secure and authorized experience for music lovers looking for free downloads.

Visit SoundCloud

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2. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is another free movie download website that offers a vast collection of music from artists across genres, allowing you to support them directly or download their tracks for free.

How to download free music from Bandcamp?
Obtaining a specific song for free on Bandcamp is a straightforward process. Simply select the desired track and enter “0” (zero) in the payment box. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the download of the song hassle-free.

Exploring the Discover page on the website grants you access to a wealth of exciting content. You’ll find a diverse range of offerings, including best-selling music, featured songs, new arrivals, and highly recommended tracks by various artists. It’s important to note that some albums and songs may require a purchase. The choice is yours – feel free to decide whether to proceed with a purchase or explore the abundant free options available.

Visit Bandcamp

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3. NoiseTrade

NoiseTrade acts as a platform for artists to connect with their fans by providing free and legal music downloads in exchange for email addresses or optional donations.

In other words, as the name implies, there is a trade-off involved. To download songs from this website, you are required to exchange certain information through social media channels.

Considered one of the top music websites, NoiseTrade provides a vast selection of online music without any cost. With millions of songs available for free download, it offers an extensive collection spanning various genres to cater to diverse musical tastes. Rest assured, you’ll find ample entertainment and musical enjoyment on this platform.

Please note that NoiseTrade has been acquired by the Paste Magazine family.

Visit NoiseTrade

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4. Jamendo

Jamendo is another one of the most popular free music download sites that is home to a massive library of music licensed under Creative Commons, enabling artists to share their work with the world while allowing users to download and enjoy their songs freely, ensuring compliance with copyright regulations

The best quality of this website is that it has a vast collection of 500,000+ MP3 songs, contributed by artists and music creators from around the world, Jamendo ensures a diverse and captivating musical experience.

The platform is committed to keeping things fresh and exciting for users. It regularly updates its radio stations and playlists to cater to the diverse preferences and needs of its audience. As a Luxembourg-based open-source community, Jamendo serves as a hub for independent artists and music enthusiasts alike, fostering a vibrant and collaborative space for all.

Visit Jamendo

5. Free Music Archive (FMA)

Free Music Archive, aka FMA, is another awesome free music downloader website. With a vast collection of curated music spanning various genres, Free Music Archive offers a diverse range of tracks that are free to download and use.

It is with noting that each song on the platform is showcased with its own license, ensuring transparency and legality. As a leading resource for music downloads, FMA welcomes music enthusiasts with open arms. Joining the Free Music Archive family allows you to indulge in the melodies that bring you joy, uninterrupted by any hindrances.

So, whether you crave the perfect song that resonates with your soul or simply wants to bless your ears with uplifting tunes, the Free Music Archive is the ideal destination for you. Experience the bliss of music without any barriers and immerse yourself in a world of harmonious melodies.

Visit Free Music Archive

6. YouTube Audio

YouTube provides a wide selection of royalty-free music tracks that you can download for personal listening or use for your project.

Please note that obtaining free downloadable songs from YouTube can be a somewhat intricate process. To do so, you need to navigate through a search filter that precisely displays songs available for free under the Creative Commons License. Once this filter is set, you can effortlessly download songs that align with your personal preferences, ensuring both the freedom of choice and the safety of your downloads.

Visit YouTube

7. DatPiff

If you’re a fan of hip-hop and mixtapes, DatPiff is the go-to site. It offers an extensive collection of free mixtapes from both established and up-and-coming artists.

DatPiff, one of the best free music download sites, is a popular platform for discovering and accessing the hottest and most popular mixtapes from acclaimed rappers such as DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, Drake, Eminem, Big Sean, and Wiz Khalifa.

The exceptional aspect of DatPiff is that it offers complete free-of-cost access to these mixtapes. Moreover, DatPiff ensures convenience and accessibility by providing mobile applications compatible with various devices, including Android, iOS, and WebOS.

Visit DatPiff

8. Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

Internet Archive’s Audio Archive, one of the most popular free audio download sites, is a treasure trove of historical recordings, live performances, podcasts, and more, making it a great resource for discovering rare gems.

Please note that Internet Archive is home to treasure that is not limited to music or audio but software, projects, blogs, and much more. We’ll keep our discussion limited to audio.

Users can explore podcasts, poetry readings, live music recordings, non-English audio content, radio programs, and much more. It’s worth noting that while the abundance of options can make the website’s design appear cluttered and potentially confusing, the breadth of content available on the Internet Archive’s Audio Archive section is undeniably impressive, especially considering that it is completely free to use.

Visit Internet Archive’s Audio Archive

9. Last.fm

Last.fm, is the next website in the list of free music websites. Last.fm is a platform that offers a vast collection of songs you’ll find yourself immersed in along with this website’s extensive range of genres. Take your time to explore the meticulously curated list of songs or utilize the search bar to find that one track that resonates with your soul.

Last.fm offers not only the ability to listen to music or streaming but also the option to download new releases, free songs, and upcoming tracks, or simply browse through the entire song catalog. With just a single click, your favorite song will be downloaded and ready for your listening pleasure.

Visit Last.fm

10. ReverbNation

ReverbNation offers free music downloads from a multitude of genres, allowing you to explore new artists and support independent musicians

The ReverbNation website, launched in 2006, has garnered a reputation among the top free music sites for being an essential platform utilized by artist segments like The Civil Wars, and Alabama Shakes to share their music and cultivate a dedicated fan base. As one of the most popular and highly regarded music download sites, it boasts an extensive collection of hip-hop and pop music, catering to a wide range of musical preferences.

With a user base of 4 million, comprising artists, general users, and various labels, ReverbNation thrives as a vibrant community. It provides an inclusive platform that connects aspiring musicians with the right opportunities at the right time, facilitating their growth and development in the industry.

By creating a free account, you can not only download free music but also nurture your own music career.

Visit ReverbNation

11. SoundClick

SoundClick is the next best free music website on our list. This website claims to be the best independent music community on the net which offers a convenient way for artists to showcase their work. With a user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation, SoundClick ensures a seamless browsing experience.

To facilitate effortless searching, the playlists on SoundClick are thoughtfully categorized based on artists, genres, and charts.

Enjoy the convenience and versatility of SoundClick as you explore and download music that aligns with your preferences. With its user-friendly interface and extensive collection of music, this website is a valuable resource for music enthusiasts seeking high-quality tracks.

Visit SoundClick

12. Amazon Music

Amazon Music is a well-known brand in the field of the music industry. This platform offers a constantly updated selection of free songs, albums, podcasts, book summaries, and much more that you can download and add to your music library.

Ever since its release in 2007, Amazon Music has continuously expanded its boundaries and emerged as a formidable player in the music industry.

In addition to its vast collection, Amazon Music Unlimited provides access to an extensive selection of hand-picked songs and personalized stations. With this feature, you can explore hundreds and thousands of meticulously curated tracks, spanning genres from classical music to obscure indie melodies.

The downloaded music remains in your download library and you can access it at places where there is no internet like hiking or jungle tours.

Visit Amazon Music

13. Audiomack

Audiomack specializes in hip-hop, rap, and electronic music. It offers a mix of free and premium tracks for download, giving you a wide range of options.

One of the best free music websites, Audiomack offers many options to cater to your musical preferences. From exploring various artists, songs, and albums to discovering featured tracks and trending artists, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, the platform provides a dedicated “recently added” page, allowing you to find and enjoy the latest music releases easily.

When it comes to genres, the selection is extensive and diverse. Whether you’re into hip hop, reggae, instrumental melodies, EDM, emocore, or afrobeat, you’ll find a wide array of choices to suit your taste. The best part is that every song you come across on this platform can be accessed for free, ensuring an immersive musical experience without any limitations.

Visit audiomack

14. CCTrax

CCTrax offers a unique collection of electronic and instrumental music. It provides free downloads under the Creative Commons license, making it ideal for music enthusiasts and content creators.

The best quality about this free music download website is that it offers music in clear categories. A few of the popular and hard-to-find categories of music offered here are Techno, Dub, Electronic, Ambient, etc.

If you are a person who loves to listen to downloaded music then CCTrax won’t disappoint you.

Visit CCTrax

15. PureVolume

PureVolume is another lightweight and unique website for users to listen to as well as download peculiar, new, and interesting music.

PureVolume, created by enthusiasts from the University of Massachusetts, serves as a platform for independent or new artists to showcase their music. It allows free downloads and provides a social networking aspect for fans and musicians to connect.

The purpose of making this website is for the discovery and promotion of new music and emerging artists. That is why this website is best for listening to emerging musicians.

Please note that PureVolume was acquired by Popular Culture in 2010.

Visit PureVolume

16. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is the next gem on our list of top free music download sites. This website specializes in mixtapes from hip-hop artists, allowing you to discover and download the latest soundtracks from your favorite artists.

The navigation on Spinrilla is effortless and user-friendly, ensuring a seamless browsing experience. While registering is necessary to download individual song files, you have the convenience of downloading entire albums without needing an account. Additionally, Spinrilla provides the option to stream your favorite songs online, giving you the flexibility to enjoy music in your preferred way.

Visit Spinrilla

17. Musopen

Musopen, another top free music download site, focuses on classical music and offers a library of recordings, sheet music, and educational resources that you can access and download for free.

Moreover, Musopen offers a range of convenient features that enhance the overall experience as a music download site. With easy search options based on the performer, period, instrument, form, and composer, finding the music you desire becomes even more accessible and enjoyable.

At Musopen, music categorization is amazing. Here you have the opportunity to download recordings performed by some of the world’s most renowned musicians, including Beethoven, Holst, Tchaikovsky, and many others.

Visit Musopen

18. NoiseCult

NoiseCult is probably the best-looking website that offers free music to listen to and download. The home page gives a vibe of a cult website. UI is pretty neat and you won’t be bothered with any advertisements or spammy links.

Regarding music, NoiseCult is a platform for independent artists across various genres. It offers a selection of free and legal music downloads, giving you the opportunity to explore new sounds.

Visit NoiseCult

19. Incompetech

Incompetech, created by musician Kevin MacLeod, provides a vast selection of royalty-free music that you can use in your collection library.

Kevin MacLeod, an American composer and music producer, has an impressive body of work. With over 2,000 compositions to his name, he has created a vast collection of royalty-free library music. What sets MacLeod apart is his decision to make these musical creations available under a Creative Commons copyright license, allowing others to freely use and enjoy his compositions.

Visit Incompetech

20. Filmmusic

Filmmusic.io is another one of the best free music download websites. It acts as a central platform for Sascha Ende and various other contributing artists, providing them with a space to showcase their music. Within this platform, users have the privilege to explore a vast library of over 6000 songs, all of which are available free of charge.

Additionally, these songs can be utilized for commercial purposes as long as the proper attribution is given to the respective author(s).

The diverse range of musical genres represented on Filmmusic.io ensures that it serves as a comprehensive resource for fulfilling any music requirements in various projects. Whether you’re in need of background music for a film, video, or any other creative endeavor, Filmmusic.io offers a one-stop solution to cater to your musical needs.

Visit Filmmusic.io

Top Picks from Today’s TechWorld

As per our extensive research by our team, we found these top 20 free music download sites on the internet. We have highlighted their pros and cons as well which makes it easier to choose as per your preference.

If you ask our preference then it would be SoundCloud, Amazon Music, Noistrade, and Audiomack. But it all depends on personal choice.


In conclusion, the world of music is vast and diverse, and finding the right sources to download music for free can be a challenge. However, in our article, “The 20 Best Free Music Download Sites” we have presented a curated list of platforms that offer a wide range of free downloadable music.

From SoundCloud to Internet Archive, Noistrade to Amazon Music, these websites provide an extensive collection of songs across various genres and artists. Whether you’re a fan of classical music, hip-hop, pop, or indie tracks, there is something for everyone on these platforms.

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