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10 Must-have Funny Joke Apps to Download in 2024

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Are you in the mood for a good laugh and eager to share amusing and whimsical jokes, timeless jests, and thought-provoking riddles with your dear ones? If your response is affirmative, you’ve landed at the ideal spot.

Humor, being a universal language, possesses the ability to illuminate our days and infuse joy into our lives. In the era of smartphones, applications dedicated to funny jokes have garnered popularity as a go-to source of entertainment for individuals in pursuit of a hearty laugh.

Within this article, we will delve into the realm of the top 10 amusing joke apps accessible on both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring a continuous stream of chuckles to brighten your day.

1. Dad Jokes

Introducing an incredible compilation of hilariously bad dad jokes, this app is a must-have for anyone looking to entertain their dad or embrace the dad lifestyle themselves!

With its vibrant and minimalist design, this application provides a visually pleasing experience that enhances your enjoyment of these jokes. Prepare to be amused by a colorful collection of dad jokes that are sure to make you crack a smile!

What sets this app apart is its interactive feature that allows users to contribute their own dad jokes. Share your humorous creations and become part of the ever-growing library of laughter-inducing content.

Price –

Free (With in-app purchase for an ad-free experience up to $2)

2. Jokester

The aptly named Jokester app delivers a vast collection of jokes across various categories, including puns, one-liners, and witty stories. Enjoy a constant stream of laughter with new jokes added regularly.

This is a comparatively new app, so it brings a fresh collection of jokes on trending subjects like Karen Jokes, Yo Mamma Jokes, adult jokes, funny pickup lines, computer programmers’ jokes, funny short stories, and various other categories.

They have started featuring jokes from various TV shows including Rick & Morty, and Family Guy which is very useful for such user segments.

What sets the Jokester app apart is its exceptional features, making it a standout choice:
✨ Immerse yourself in a collection of over 10,000 jokes across numerous categories.
✨ Suitable for both adults and teenagers, ensuring there’s something for everyone.
✨ Enjoy the audio feature that allows you to read or listen to the jokes at your convenience.
✨ Create a personalized collection of your favorite jokes with the “like and dislike” feature which let app pop only jokes as per your taste.
✨ Easily share jokes as text or images using the app’s joke cards through social media or messaging apps.

Price –

Completely Free (Contains Ads)

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3. Jokes Unlimited

Jokes Unlimited offers an extensive library of jokes that covers a wide range of categories. From clean jokes to more risqué humor, this app ensures there’s something for everyone’s sense of humor.

Enjoy a continuous stream of humor with 50 new jokes added every week without the need to update the app. With over 1000 jokes categorized for easy browsing, you can easily share them on WhatsApp or copy them for sharing elsewhere. Favorite your top jokes for quick access, and enjoy the app on any mobile phone or tablet.

Please note that an internet connection is required, and the jokes are sourced randomly from the internet and do not reflect the developer’s opinions.


Free (In-app purchases, Contains ads)

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4. Funny Jokes And Riddles

Funny Jokes and Riddles app combines both classic jokes and brain-teasing riddles. Challenge your wit with riddles and then unwind with amusing jokes that are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Get ready for a hilarious adventure with this entertaining game that features a vast collection of funny jokes and riddles suitable for both kids and adults. Discover a new joke of the day and get ready to laugh out loud.

If you’re a fan of dad jokes or enjoy solving funny riddles, this joke book app is a must-have. Perfect for all ages, it ensures a clean and family-friendly experience without any inappropriate content. Plus, conveniently access the answers to the jokes with just a click of a button.


Free (Contains Ads)

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5. Offline English Jokes Funny

Discover the perfect app for English jokes without unrelated rants. Download Offline English Jokes Funny for your Android device now.

Jokes Offline is an app that allows you to access a large database of jokes without an internet connection. With various categories to choose from, you can enjoy jokes anytime, anywhere.


Free (Contains Ads)

6. Joke Box

Joke Box offers a massive collection of jokes, including traditional jokes, knock-knock jokes, and more. With a user-friendly interface and regular updates, it’s a great app for a daily dose of laughter.

This app specializes in funny stories that are sure to make you laugh. Dive into a collection of humorous anecdotes, hilarious narratives, and entertaining tales that will keep you entertained for hours.

Please note that this is a comparatively older app so you may have to face device compatibility issues. Please plan accordingly.


Free (Contains Ads)

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7. Boomrang – Prank Call App

This is not exactly a joke app but it is a prank app designed for the same amount of laughter. Boomerang – Prank Call allows you to prank your friends and family with pre-recorded prank calls. Choose from a selection of humorous scenarios and listen in as the app plays the prank call to your unsuspecting target.


Free (Contains Ads, In-app Purchases up to $10)

8. Prank Sounds – Air Horn, Fart

The next app on our list of top Joke Apps we have picked is Prank Sound. Get ready to prank your friends and have a hilarious time with the Funny Prank Sounds Offline app.

With a wide range of funny sound effects like air horn blasts, fart sounds, hair clipper pranks, police sirens, doorbells, sneezes, scary sounds, coughs, and snoring, this app is perfect for creating laughter-filled pranks.

Whether you want to startle someone with an attention-grabbing air horn or make them giggle with funny fart sounds, this app has you covered. Download Funny Prank Sounds Offline and embark on your prank journey today!


Free (Contains Ads)

9. Hilarious Jokes For WhatsApp

Hilarious Jokes for WhatsApp is designed specifically for users who love sharing jokes on messaging platforms. Discover a wide range of jokes that are perfect for sharing with your WhatsApp contacts.

As per developers, they aim to create the ultimate app in its category. The jokes included in this joke app are genuinely hilarious.


Free (Contains Ads)

10. Knock Knock Jokes for Kids

Introducing “Knock Knock Jokes for Kids,” a highly amusing app designed specifically for children. With a collection of 50 funny knock-knock jokes, it ranks among the top joke apps available.

The jokes are narrated by a hilarious owl, making it a user-friendly and entertaining experience for young children. Additionally, users have the option to record their jokes and anecdotes, allowing for personalized and enjoyable playback at any time.


Free (In-app purchases up to $1)


In the digital age, funny joke apps provide a convenient and entertaining way to enjoy a good laugh. With the help of these 10 top-notch apps, you’ll have a treasure trove of jokes at your fingertips, catering to various tastes and preferences. Download one or more of these apps and get ready to embrace the power of laughter in your daily life. Remember, a good joke can brighten even the gloomiest of days!

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