Cool Fake Airline Ticket Generator Websites
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8 Cool Fake Airline Ticket Generator Websites [Free]

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We usually have our share of fun on the internet using Prank Websites, reels, comic content, and much more entertaining stuff available here and there.

One of the exciting ideas to have fun or prank your friends is using fake Airline tickets or Boarding Passes. The airplane ticket picture prank is going viral these days. All you have to do is refer to any of the 8 fake airline ticket generator websites mentioned in this article to generate fake airline tickets and ask your friend to pack their bags. Although it will be harsh, especially during the holiday seasons, for sure it will crank them up.

The good thing about the mentioned Fake Airline Ticket generator websites is that they are very easy to use and without any editing skills you can easily create your fake plane tickets.

Without further ado let’s begin with the fake airline ticket generator websites to get the next flight dummy tickets.

Fake Airline Ticket/Boarding Pass Generator Websites

1. Onwardflightticket is one of the best free fake airline ticket generator websites that create dummy tickets.

Using this website, you can create your complimentary sample/forward/dummy ticket by searching for live flights, and with a single click, you can generate a dummy ticket. This dummy ticket includes authentic flight information and is personalized with your name.

The best feature? Receive your PDF ticket instantly through email, enabling you to use it immediately.

This website offers paid services as well. By paying a nominal amount you can generate more authentic-looking tickets with details like the Airline logo, additional passenger details, class of the flight, etc.

2. Bestonwardticket

BestOnwardTicket is an exceptional platform designed to streamline the process of generating simulated airline tickets. Gone are the days of laborious editing; with BestOnwardTicket, simply input your flight details and witness the effortless magic unfold!

For those seeking minimalistic fake airline ticket generator websites, BestOnwardTicket is an ultimate choice that offers a convenient manual mode, allowing users to effortlessly create backdated tickets tailored to their requirements.

One of the standout features of this simulated airline ticket generator, BestOnwardTicket, is its affordable rates policy. Tickets cost just $12 and are valid for 48 hours which can be extended further for nominal charges.

How to book fake tickets on


Share your Name, Desired Onward Date, Departure Airport, Email, and optionally, Arrival Airport (leave it blank for autogenerated suggestions).


Once you’ve placed your order and completed the hassle-free checkout with PayPal, payment can be made using a credit card or your PayPal account.


Bestonwardticket swiftly processes and sends your ticket to your email. Check it on the airline’s website or Tripcase, and you’re all set—either keep it on your phone or print it out. Simple and quick!

3. is an outstanding platform that simplifies the creation of simulated airline tickets. You no longer have to worry about spending exhaustive hours editing; just enter your flight specifics and watch as the magic unravels!

Furthermore, if you’re in need of retrospective tickets, you’d definitely want to explore the manual mode offered by It empowers you to seamlessly produce backdated tickets.

A standout feature of this simulated airline ticket generator,, is its comprehensive refund policy. If the service doesn’t satisfy your needs within a fortnight from the day of purchase, just reach out and you’ll receive a 100% refund with no hassles.

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Keyflight is for sure the best and one of the most convenient fake airline ticket generator websites. It works pretty straightforwardly. Just need to provide all the details like source and destination airports, date, passenger details, and email id and click generate a ticket. It will automatically generate a ticket that you can download and share with your friends for free.

In addition to that, you can also generate a verifiable ticket by paying some nominal charges.


Dummyticket.flight is another one of the best fake airline ticket generator websites with smile UI and real-looking tickets generated.

The only drawback with this website is that you have to pay $10 upfront to get the fake tickets. This website claims to generate tickets using real-time API which costs the website admin so it is fair to take a charge for the same.

However, they offer a 24-hour money-back guarantee so you may check that too. You may need to connect with them on the email [email protected] for a refund.

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6. jotform

Jotform is a well-known platform in the field of PDF editors. If you are looking for a template to generate fake airline tickets then jotform can be the ultimate option.

Jotform not only offers an extensive number of fields to make the ticket genuine but also exports it into pdf for free online. This is usually missing on any other fake airline ticket generator websites.

However, they don’t offer any integration with APIs so you may not get real-time results like available flights, international airport codes, etc. You have to manage that part.


Fakeflighttickets is another one of the best fake airline ticket generator sites that offer simple but neat UI and a very straightforward way to create a fake airline ticket to have fun with your friends.

Fakeflighttickets offers real-time API integration so that you get the latest information on flights along with updated international airport codes, and a couple of more useful other information.

However, you may have to pay $5 to download the fake airline ticket/boarding pass.

8. is a paid fake airline ticket generator website. Trixo offers real-time integration with APIs to present all the details on the tap. Trixo claims to be the favorite website of digital nomads.

The best quality about Trixo is that they show a plethora of tickets as soon as you hit the search button making it one of the best fake airline ticket generator websites. They usually charge $10 for a fake airline ticket.

FAQs related to fake airline ticket generator websites

Why should you keep a return flight ticket to make your case genuine?

Many countries will ask you for proof of a return ticket and you will have to show it when entering a country. If you don’t you might not be able to complete your flight. So just to make your case genuine you might wanna create a fake return flight as well.

Is it safe to use dummy tickets?

Is completely safe to create fake air tickets as long as you don’t try to take a real flight with them. The purpose of these tools is just entertainment and to have fun. You may land into legal complications if you try to use fake airline tickets generated using these websites.

Bottom Line

So that’s how you can generate fake airline tickets without wasting much of your effort and time. Although you are advised to use these methods with caution you would be responsible for legal complications created because of the use of any of these methods or outcomes.

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