20 Most Amazing and Funny Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends in 2022
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24 Amazing Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends [2023]

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Are you looking for some funny prank websites to troll your friends or prank links on the internet to send to your friends? Read this guide where we have collected the best prank website links from the internet.

This list will be especially handy if you feel like not putting huge effort to plan a prank then you can try these best prank websites available on the internet to get some idea.

Prank websites full of fun tricks usually help you to make fun of your friends and lighten up the stress a little bit. According to the Internet, Pranking is making hilarious videos on any online thread or subject that can be used for fun.

Pranking and trolling have now become a trend. Prank video makers are getting a lot of good responses. We nowadays spend hours scrolling through our social media feeds and watching memes, trolls, and troll videos because they are so engaging.

If you are excited to fool your friends, you can take a look at the list of Prank Websites Links that we have created.

Creative Prank Websites to Troll Your Friends and Make Fun-

1. Fake Update: Windows

Fake Update Windows Prank website

If you want to keep your friends away from your computer, you can use this fake update alert. This prank website will let you show them that you are using a backdated Windows version. For example, WINDOWS 98. Crazy right?

This shows that you are updating your system or using an old version of Windows.

Once they are convinced of this fact and leave you alone, you can resume whatever you were doing. You can press F11 or fn+F11 to go to full screen and make the screen look like a genuine update.

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2. Send Cat Facts

send cat facts troll websites

So, you love cats, huh? Well, the world is divided between a Cat person and a Dog person. However, not everyone loves it when you bombard them with random cat facts.

Using Send Cat Facts website you can anonymously send tons of cat facts to your friends which will be funny as well as entertaining.

Cat Facts started in 2012 after seeing a post on Reddit about a person who sent their cousin facts about cats when they posted their number on Facebook and since then it has picked its popularity. You should try this website once.

3. Love Calculator Prank

Prank Websites like Love Calculator

A love Calculator Prank is a mischievous prank you play on someone. Using this one of the best Prank Websites you will be able to find out your friend’s secret crush or lover.

You can create a unique link of yours, and you can send that to your targeted friends. Just after they will click on the link, it will ask them to enter their crush’s name along with their name.

After they click on the calculate button, the prank will be played. You will receive the name of your friend name and his or her partner’s name. They will be shocked after they realize that they were pranked.

4. Hair On Screen

Prank Links - Hair on Screen

Want to confuse your friends using online pranks? Here is the next perfect prank link for you.

Technically it is a Chrome extension. All you have to do is stealth install this extension in your friend’s Chrome.

As soon as it is installed, you can click on the three-dot icon against the hair-on-screen extension from the extension list on the top right corner of Google Chrome and select more hair or less hair per your preference.

Now it is time to watch your friend wiping his computer screen again and again before realizing that he or she has been pranked. 😁

5. Mail a meme

Mailameme prank website

Tagging your friends in memes is old-fashioned and won’t create humorous chaos. If you want to prank your friend this April Fool’s Day mail him a meme.

Please note that this is a paid service website but the fun it creates is worth it. Mailameme is a website designed to mail a meme with various options like custom memes or random memes for just $2.5 of charges.

They provide the option to put any text, images, or special messages in the meme. Printing and shipping will be taken care of by their end.

If they provide this meme postal service in your area then you should try it. 😊

6. Ship your enemies Glitter✨

prank websites

The concept of Glitter Bomb is something that is well-used by Mark Rober a famous YouTuber who has used it to expose package thieves and the idea was pretty successful.

The Internet is the most innovative place to get the prank idea for the auspicious occasion of April Fool’s Day. The glitter bomb idea is something that fits perfectly to troll your friends or even arch-rival as well and enjoy when they get glitter all over their faces and clothes.

This website is not limited to pranking your friends with Glitter Bomb but you can use it to ship things like packages of candy in the shape of junk and much other fun stuff.

7. Blow up the phone

This is one of the best prank websites to troll your friends. With the help of this website, you can send unlimited texts and phone calls to your friend’s phone.

It is like bombing with texts and calls on a friend’s phone.

In addition to that, you can also control how fast this text and call will receive on your friend’s phone. With the help of this, you can keep your friends busy in picking up and rejecting calls. All these calls come from an unknown number and different regions.

8. Peter Answers

prank websites - peter answers

We are now in the time of AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, etc., and the concept of Peter Answers’ website is similar.

Peter Answers website is one of the best prank websites that you can use to have fun or embarrass your friends. This website offers a chat window. You can make your friend chat on this website saying this is the latest AI chatbot.

The funny part is that all the answers to questions provided by the website are so funny and witty that you can’t hold your laugh.

How to use Peter Answers?

You should start by putting the phrase ‘Peter please answer the following question’ or simply: ‘Peter please answer’ and hit enter. It should take you to the next text box. There put your question and wait for a hilarious response.

9. JibJab Message

prank websites - jibjab

Are there any of your friends crazy about selfies and take selfies without boundaries? Well, you can use this app to make funny GIFs of his/her selfie and post them online or even use them in messenger chats to troll him.

10. Shitexpress

ShitExpress Prank website

Imagine all the people who annoy you the most. An irritating colleague, Schoolteacher, ex-wife, Filthy boss, or Jealous neighbor.

What if you could send them a smelly surprise? There is nothing that could replace the expression on the recipient’s face after opening the box!

Using Shitexpress you can send anyone in the world a piece of smelly shit.

Alternatively, you can try Amazon too. Here you can get a fake shit replica which will be so good to prank your friends.

11. Facebook Pranks (Scary)

Facebook Alrena Roushe Prank - Scary

Want to scare the hell out of your friends? Here is one of the perfect prank websites for you. Imagine your friends scrolling through their Facebook newsfeeds in their free time, and you send in the link to them, and boom!

After your friends browse the link to this scary profile, they get shocked to see such terrifying content in it.

They will forget about sleep for the next few days. They will feel as if it was the biggest mistake to browse that link.

12. WhatsFake (Fake WhatsApp)

FakeWhats Prank websites

WhatsFake is one of the best prank websites to troll your friend that you are having a chat with a famous girl or boy.

This prank website just creates a fake WhatsApp chat which is similar to the original WhatsApp chat screen.

You can prank friends that you are chatting with a celebrity or an influencer person.

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13. FartScroll: Funny Pranks

Fart Scroll Prank Websites

Fart Scrolls help you make fart noises whenever someone scrolls through your blog or website. If you want your friends to feel embarrassed while reading your blog in front of everyone, then here is ready to use way.

This one of the best prank websites on GitHub provides you with a ready-to-use js code that lets you set up everything that you need to make this happen. These are hilarious pranks, which you can play with your friends.

Use these tricks and have fun!

14. Shady URL

Shady URL - Prank website

You must have used URL-shortening software while forwarding it to your friends. Well, you can use this prank website to convert your URL into a scary one.

URL generated using this prank website will still navigate to the same page but It will look suspicious and scare the hell out of your friend.

I am pretty sure if I forward my website link using this prank website no one will dare to click.

15. Great Big Stuff

Great Big Stuff Prank Websites
With the help of this, one of the best merchandise prank websites, you can order stuff for your friends such as paper, pins, alarm clocks, teddies, etc.
But, the funny part about this site is that they will send your friends stuff in a bigger size.
Assume when your friend receives a pencil larger than his hands, he will be amazed to see that.

16. Unique Amazon Products to Prank Your Friends

There are many products you can get from the Amazon website to troll your friends. Here are a few samples.

1- A big No button that says the exact no in a sarcastic tone. You can send this to your colleague or your friends to prank or funnily refuse something.

2- Fake time bomb. It does the job. All you have to do is put it in your colleague’s backpack and wait for their reaction.

3- Rubik’s cube with electric shock (minor)- You can ask your colleagues to solve the cube and as soon as they rotate they will receive a shock.

17. Prank Space

Prank space Prank Websites

Prank Space is a website with many other pranks collected in it. You might find them helpful enough to troll your friends.

This website can help you learn magic tricks, audio pranks, flash pranks, video pranks, and more.

This helps you to trouble your friends and family. You can learn a lot of new ways to disturb them with new styles and processes.

This is an exciting place if you want to keep on pranking your friends.

18. Fake check-in

Fake CheckIn - Prank App

Want to make your friends jealous? Want them to think you are taking that trip you always talked about? Then Fake CheckIn can be helpful for you.

Using Fake check-in you can easily check yourself into any location from the world on any social sharing platform. This app is integrated with major social network platforms like Facebook and Instagram. That means you won’t even have to open your social media app.

19. Hacking Simulator: Geek Typer

geek typer prank websites

Want to fool your friends in a cool way? Geek Typer might be of some assistance to you. You can easily pretend to be a hacker in front of anyone.

Geek Typer allows you to type like a hacker with some added graphics for its detailing.

You can fool anyone into thinking that you are a professional hacker and that you have hacked anyone’s system or website.

It has high graphics and looks convincing that way.

When you have failed to access the site, you will get a pop-up, which says, “Access Denied.” If you keep on insisting the site blinks red and will report a breach.

20. Joker Greeting Prank

joker greeting troll websites

This is a real prank and can be implemented with the help of Joker greeting prank websites. It can be played on anyone on their birthday. You buy a birthday greeting card and then send it to someone.

These Birthday greeting cards have music set up inside. The music does not stop playing. Usually, the music starts when you open the card and stops when you close it and keep it back.

But, this is an annoying greeting card that keeps on playing the music non-stop for three hours straight. This does not stop until and unless you hit the card with a hammer or burn it down.

There are many prank websites where you can order these types of cards.

21. Do Not Press The Red Button

do not press the red button prank

This old prank is like Pandora’s Box. When anyone forbids you to do something, your inquisitiveness takes over you.

You feel compelled to do that. That is where the fun in the prank lies. You send your friends a link that asks them not to press the red button.

They fight their urge to click on it. Once they make a mistake, they are trolled horribly.

This prank is hilarious for the performer. On the other hand, the victim regrets the decision to press the red button.

22. Secret Codes From Google

secret codes from google prank websites

Google is one of the most prominent places. It lets you play many pranks. Breaking down search engines, calling the snow, terminating the web browser, and a lot more are a part of this prank.

You can use many Google secret code-generating prank websites to create cool-looking code-generating UI which will impress your friends.

23. News of 2030 – Future Year

the future of news prank website

Every one of us is excited to know about the future. Detecting and guessing about future updates from beforehand is a whole lot of new excitement.

You just have to hope that the fake news being shared by your fake futuristic site has never been seen by anyone, especially on the ones you are playing the prank on.

This is fake news about the future published as a real one on a website. As you share it with your friends, they get trolled once they believe in it.

24. Gif dance party

gifdanceparty prank websites

Well, this is not exactly a prank but rather it can be used as a cool toon to impress your friends with your creativity in graphics.

This website helps you to create a gif dance party with your friends. All you need to upload pictures of your friends and it will automatically create a gippy that is dancing at a party.

Wrapping Up

Hope you enjoyed the list of the top 24 prank websites and would use them to prank your friends. These websites are especially useful on April,1 April Fool’s Day when everyone is looking for ways to prank each other or troll someone. Do let us know if you have any website addition to this Prank websites list.


Please use these suggested prank websites with caution and your assessment. Avoid shopping with any website that doesn’t look authentic. In addition to that, be careful while clicking on any link and avoid providing any personal details online.

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