Top AI Video App Development Companies in 2024
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Top 10 AI Video App Development Companies in the USA in 2024

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Keeping up with intelligent technologies helps businesses pace up as per the modernizing trend. Among the diverse technologies, artificial intelligence has been transforming core business models and operational workflows of huge corporations and mid-sized businesses. To make the change, businesses must incorporate AI in their existing system in the form of AI-powered chatbots, automated process management, and many more.

A suitable way of adapting transformative technology is by hiring AI app development companies with a wide range of experience in the industry. Finding the right fit can be daunting, but the list below can narrow down your options to one of the best AI video app development companies.

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List of AI App Development Companies

Considering that industries are adapting the use of AI for their operational purposes and offering the user a simplified interface, there are a multitude of development companies to choose from. Shortlisting the best ones and selecting them for innovative inventions and powerful solutions can be assisted with this listicle, which can aid you in choosing the perfect match.

1. SparxIT

SparxIT stands out as the foremost company on the checklist of ultimate AI services companies. It is a cost-efficient AI development company transforming businesses by harnessing AI technologies to boost business expansion. Their significant services include blockchain development, mobile app development, web app development, and AI development. Prominent enterprise giants such as Hisense, Cleartrip, and HP feature in client portfolios, vouching for the superiority of their solutions.

LocationNew York and Boston, USA
ClientsIntel, HP, Hisense, Mercedes, Suzuki
ServicesAI App Development, Mobile App Development, E-Commerce Development
Employee Strength250-999

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2. NineTwoThree

With a priority on invention, quality, cooperation, and affordability, NineTwoThree arises as a valuable partner qualified to assist industries in strategically benefiting AI to stand out the competitive advantage. At its core, NineTwoThree, as one of the supreme AI video app development companies, offers an engrossing possibility for companies striving for AI-powered chatbots and ChatGPT services within funding constraints.

LocationMassachusetts, USA
ClientsForbes, Dorel, AWS
ServicesMobile App Development, IoT Development, AI Development
Employee Strength50-249

3. Dualboot Partners

Established in 2018, Dualboot Partners stands out as the topmost entertainment software development company, presenting custom-made services to consumers pursuing ingenious solutions. Being the leader in software development, blockchain application development, and AI-powered solutions, the mission of Dualboot is to delegate enterprises to achieve their full prospect through custom technology solutions.

LocationNorth Carolina, USA
ClientsContinental, DebtBook, EntityKeeper
ServicesCustom Software Development, AI Development, Blockchain
Employee Strength250-999

4. DataArt

With an emphasis on creation, quality, and association, DataArt has devised a dedicated client portfolio that comprises vertical giants such as Decathlon, PSI, and EMBODY. Their power in devising AI solutions, leveraging experience in machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing, functions DataArt as an immaculate partner for companies to improve operative efficiency, drive evolution, and enhance customer experiences through visionary and custom AI solutions.

LocationNew York, USA
ClientsDecathlon, PSI, EMBODY
ServicesCustom Software Development, AI Development, E-Commerce Development
Employee Strength1,000-9,999

5. AE Studio

What sets AE Studio apart is its devotion to a cost-efficient strategy, operating closely with customers to provide tailored solutions that align with their distinctive requirements and economic limitations. With a compass on AI development, their crew of professionals leverages machine learning and natural language processing to formulate custom-made solutions that improve competitiveness.

LocationLos Angeles, USA
ClientsHarvard University, Caltech, Stanford University
ServicesAI Development, Blockchain, Custom Software Development
Employee Strength50-249

6. Systango

Ensuring a sixth place in our checklist of AI app development companies is Systango. Since 2007, Systango, a technology enterprise based in Washington DC, USA, has stood at the vanguard of supplying cutting-edge benefits to corporations. Specializing in Blockchain, generative AI, and mobile app development, it seeks to entrust enterprises of all scopes to thrive through the strategic utilization of technology.

LocationWashington DC, USA
ClientsPorsche, Grindr, WeDeliver
ServicesBlockchain, Generative AI, Mobile App Development
Employee Strength250-999

7. Pravaah Consulting

Subsequent on our checklist of top 10 AI development companies is Pravaah Consulting, a global technology partner that has been yielding customized assistance since 2010. Operating in California, USA, Pravaah Consulting is committed to supporting firms to succeed through the strategic utilization of emerging technologies and inventions. Their foremost power lies in the evolution of AI-enabled chatbots, video apps, and virtual assistants, proposing businesses layman-friendly solutions that not only enhance customer experiences but also diminish operational costs.

LocationCalifornia, USA
ClientsGolfSim, Polaris Healthcare, EMH Sports
ServicesAI Development, Custom Software Development, Generative AI
Employee Strength50-249

8. Akos

Akos is a prominent enterprise specializing in AI development, supplying cutting-edge and customized solutions to multitudes of verticals. With their years of knowledge in AI, the industry has gained prominence for yielding excellent AI products that optimize enterprise procedures and heighten customer experiences. Akos has exceptionally served a variety of industries, such as healthcare, finance, BFSI, education, and retail, among others. They have a significant history of delivering thriving AI projects and have acquired favorable feedback from customers and clients in the representation of their experience, reliability, and unparalleled work quality.

LocationArizona, USA
ClientsAurora Multimedia Service, Xavier College Preparatory
ServicesAI Development, BI & Big Data Consulting & SI, Custom Software Development
Employee Strength10-49

9. PieSoft

PieSoft assists clients in attaining transformational developments by leveraging emerging technologies such as AI development services, machine learning, connected devices, voice, and augmented reality. Established in 2012, PieSoft strategizes, explores, and pitches digital solutions to increase customer revenue and ensure business growth.

LocationPennsylvania, USA
ClientsMedixtrace, Decentage AG, Newnet
ServicesCustom Software Development, AI Development, Web Development
Employee Strength50-249

10. Idea Maker

Idea Maker is an artificial intelligence development company that strives to create thoroughly autonomous AI solutions by integrating knowledge, recollection, and problem-solving skills. They have a team of specialists who operate on artificial intelligence and machine learning to allow corporations to acquire productivity and efficiency.

LocationCalifornia, USA
ClientsPlane Fax, Apricot Studio, Quila Flower, LLC
ServicesAI Development, Custom Software Development, Mobile App Development
Employee Strength10-49


These businesses are at the vanguard of AI analysis and expansion and have immensely contributed to the expansion of businesses in different verticals. Their work involves designing progressive AI algorithms, constructing robust AI-powered outgrowths, and propelling innovation in different industries. Exponential technologies, specifically those enabled by AI, offer an abundance of reinvigorated and compelling possibilities that individuals and companies can utilize to their benefit.

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