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What is SSL Certificate and How does it work. How to get it free
Digital World

What’s SSL Certificate? | How does SSL Certificate work? | How to get an SSL Certificate free in 2021?

SSL Certificates are small data files that contain digitally signed encryption keys related to an organization. When an SSL Certificate is installed on the server it converts the website from HTTP to a secure HTTPS platform.
Let’s understand what is SSL? SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is an encryption-based internet security protocol designed to make use of TCP in providing a reliable end-to-end connection.

What is interner cookie and how does it work
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What are Internet Cookies? How do Cookies work?

Internet Cookies or Web Cookies are tiny text files stored on your local storage by websites to provide the seamless browsing experience for you and help the web host understand you as an individual visitor and/or consumer. It was named Cookie because of resemblance with Magical or Fortune Cookies. Like Fortune Cookies, it also contains some piece of information inside…