6 tips to get your website found online
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6 Powerful Tips To Get Your Website Found Online (Fast)

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If you thought getting your website ranking high in the search engines was easy, well, you’ll be disappointed. Getting your website found online in Google or any other search engine takes work.

Some people assume that simply getting your website online will bring in traffic. Or that simply advertising their website in a local paper will bring people flocking to their (virtual) door. Unfortunately, there are a number of things you need to do to get your website ranking in Google and bring in lots of website traffic.

So…. What can you do?

Created a website, what next?

Here is the list of 6 tips to follow after your website is ready to make it found online.

1. Have a blog

A blog on your website is the number one way to get your website found online. Of course, just having a blog isn’t going to see thousands flocking to your webpage. You also need to create useful and interesting content.

Your blog should focus on your niche, and be well written. That is, it should use natural and engaging language and have a good layout.

You’ll see from this blog post that paragraphs and sentences are spaced out. Lots of white space between paragraphs makes it much easier on the eye, and easier for people to read.

Another trick with having a blog is to write regularly… How often?

Well, as often as you reasonably can. Can you manage a post a week? Maybe one a month?

So long as you can commit to a schedule of regular posting, you should start to see some decent search engine rankings within a short time frame.

2. Target low competition keywords

OK, the art of SEO, or search engine optimization, is pretty complicated. But here is the basic version.

When you write a blog or create a web page, try to build a focus keyword or search term into that page.

Ideally, find a way to keep that search term relatively low competition – which means that there aren’t millions of people trying to target it.

As an example, if you’re targeting the search term ‘marketing services, that will be a search term with a very high volume (26,000 searches a month according to Ahrefs). But if you slim it down to ‘marketing services in London’ (20 searches a month) then you’re more likely to rank high on the search results.

And when you rank for a simple search term, you’ll start to rank for the more competitive search terms too.

Read up on search engine optimization (SEO) for more ways to rank faster online.

3. Use social media to post your content

Social media sites are very important when getting your website found online. So, make sure to post your content to relevant groups on as many of the major platforms as you can.

Facebook has plenty of niche groups, as do Linkedin and Reddit.

Twitter is also an easy place to post, and you can also set up an account for sites like Tumblr, Pinterest, and forums.

If you can get your content shared on Quora, excellent.

Create a strategy to post your content on your social accounts and you’ll quickly see your website get found online.

4. Offer some unique content

If you really want to get your website noticed online, a clever trick is to offer some unique insight. This can be something like your own research, or a special piece of content that hasn’t been tackled before.

For example, you can ask your customers their opinions about a world event and run a unique piece. For example, if you’re a financial product service website, you might ask your clients or customers for their best advice for investing in the future.

Or, if you sell car equipment, you could ask your customers for the best tips for keeping their car clean.

This unique content can then be packaged as useful information and sent as a press release to websites and news channels. You might get some backlinks and even a mention, which could also get your website found online fast!

5. Buying Backlinks (be careful with this one)

You’ve probably seen a lot of people offering to improve your domain ranking with backlinks. Yes, this does work, if done correctly. And that’s the important bit…

If done properly, you can start to see your search engine rankings improve quite quickly. But domain ranking on its own isn’t going to bring you lots of search engine results and web traffic.

As long as you have decent quality content on your site and you post regularly you will get your website found. Whether or not you buy a backlink boosting service.

And if you buy a domain boosting package from a verified and reputable vendor then this will definitely speed up the process.

6. Guest posts

Wanna get your website found online quickly? The best way to do this is to guest post on established websites.

What does this mean?

The trick is to find a website that allows people to submit their own work with a do-follow backlink to their website. There are loads if you search for ‘guest posts’ or ‘write for us’.

Pitch your article and then send it over (obviously, once you’ve created some great content, yeah?).

If you have chosen a quality website with an established readership and in your niche, Google and the search platforms should find you in no time.

And presto, you’ll have your website ranking on page one in no time!

Final Thoughts

So these are our best 6 tips to get your website found online. I personally like 2nd Tip, that is, Target low competitive keywords. Here you have control over your content quality as well as stuffing that will make your website found online. 

There is much more to do to make your website found online for your readers and customers but we presented the gist. If you follow these 6 steps and have some patience with time you will definitely get the result.

Hope you found these ‘6 tips to get your website found online’ helpful. Have we missed anything? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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