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14 Cool Twitter handle generators to use in 2023

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Your Twitter handle or Twitter username is the first impression of your profile. A Twitter handle generator can help you create a suitable Twitter handle or Twitter username that suits your personality or your business on Twitter.

In this article, we have listed down 14 Cool Twitter handle generator sites that will help you out throughout your Twitter handle generation process. The tools discussed in this article give you Twitter username ideas and there are a few tools that even suggest untaken Twitter usernames.

In addition to random Twitter username generator tools, we have also detailed the process of how to change the Twitter handle or Twitter username. Let’s discuss a few advantages of using Twitter username generator tools.

Why Use a Twitter Username Generator Tool?

There are several benefits of using the Twitter handle or Twitter username generator tool. A few prominent ones are –

  • Uniqueness: With millions of active users on Twitter, securing a distinctive username is challenging. A username generator helps users find a rare and memorable handle that sets them apart from the crowd.
  • Brand Representation: For businesses and influencers, a well-crafted username can reinforce their brand identity and make them more recognizable to their target audience.
  • Time-Saving: Manually brainstorming for the perfect username can be time-consuming and frustrating. The username generator eliminates this hassle by providing a ready-made list of options.
  • Inspiration: Even if users don’t use the suggested username verbatim, the tool can spark creative ideas and inspire users to come up with a unique handle on their own.

14 Cool Twitter handle generators worth checking out-

With the help of the below suggested Cool Twitter name generators, you should be able to generate a Twitter handle that may be random, may contain information about you or your business, may hide your true identity, and secure your online presence. This will be totally up to you to decide.

Also, while creating a Twitter handle please keep in mind that Twitter allows only 4-15 characters without spaces in the Twitter handle.

With that being said, let’s begin with our list of 14 Twitter handle generators –

1. LastPass

If you are looking for a random cool Twitter name or handle generator without much effort then LastPass should be your first choice.

LastPass Random Twitter handle generator

If you are among those who want to keep their identity private or at least hide it from their username then you should use LastPass to generate a random Twitter handle.

The best feature of the LastPass Twitter handle generator is that it generates random keywords based on the user’s choice of either ‘Easy to say, ‘Easy to read’, or ‘All character’.

  • Easy-to-Say – Choose this option to create an easy-to-say username by avoiding numbers and special characters.
  • Easy-to-Read – This option lets you create a not-too-easy-to-say but easy-to-read username. Mainly, it does that by avoiding ambiguous characters that are hard to read.
  • All Characters – This option will create a name by shuffling random characters together.

LastPass also provides an option to keep the username length as per the Twitter handle character count limit of 15.

2. Spin XO

Spin XO is one of the best free Twitter handle generators. It is simple to use and provides flexibility to generate a Twitter handle based on your profession, hobbies, and various other inputs.

Spin XO Cool Twitter handle generator

Spin XO, as in its name, lets you spin again to find the perfect username of your choice as a Twitter handle.

The best feature of Spin XO is to check the username availability. Once you get the exact username for your Twitter handle you can click on it to check its availability.

Apart from Twitter, you can generate usernames for other Social networking sites as well as check their availability at Spin XO itself.

Although Spin XO is good it has one limitation that it doesn’t provide the option to limit the number of characters while generating a username.

Since Twitter allows only 4-15 characters you will have to manually intervene and discard all those options that are going beyond the threshold character limit.

3. NordPass

NordPress is a flawless Twitter handle generator, preferred by millions of users. Additionally, NordPass can be used to generate a secure social-media username and gamer tags.

NordPass Twitter handle generator

This tool provides many input options like keywords, Username length, category, etc. to generate a cool username for your Twitter handle.

In addition to that, you can opt for a few advanced options as well –

  • Random characters – This option lets you generate a username from random characters.
  • Leetspeak– This option replaces letters with symbols (W31c0m3) and generates a cool-looking username.
  • Keep keywords at the end – If you enable this option then toll will place the keyword at the end of the username.

NordPass also lets you check if the username is available for various social media platforms. You can opt for the username that is available for Twitter.



BestUsernameGenerator provides a vast array of username ideas, including options for gamers and businesses. It has options for generating random usernames based on a mix of interests.

The only drawback with is that you might feel that the interface is slightly cluttered with ads.


twitter username generator is a great website if you are looking for generating a cool Twitter handle. It not only generates usernames but also provides name ideas for characters, brands, and more.

Another cool quality of this tool is that it provides flexibility for users to select specific starting letters or words.

However, please check additional tools if you are looking for much more flexibility and a featured Twitter name generator as this tool may lack some advanced features compared to others on the list.

6. Namechk

Namechk is one of the best Twitter username generator tools. It has a simplistic UI which makes it easier to generate usernames without distraction. Another good quality of this tool is that it provides suggestions for available variations of your preferred username.

Additionally, Namechk checks the availability of your desired username across multiple social media platforms, including Twitter.

7. BNG Business Name Generator

BNG Business Name Generator tool, specially designed for business purposes, will save you a lot of time and help you create unique and interesting username ideas for the Twitter handle of your business.

BNG Business Name Generator Twitter handle generator

BNG provides many options like Character Count, one-word/ two-words, insert keyword before and after, rhyming, industry/ niche, etc. to filter and generate the username idea that is closest to your business.

That’s not all. BNG Business Name Generator provides many other features like star-marking a username for later use, a domain checker for your keyword idea, or a Twitter handle username, etc.

If you are looking for a professional username for your business Twitter handle you should always prefer BNG Business Name Generator.

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8. Fanbolt

FanBolt username generator lets you create a username representing your favorite fandom or a random username for your Twitter handle.

Fanbolt Twitter handle generator

Fanbolt is the best tool to generate a Twitter handle based on categories like Astronomy, Harry Potter, Spooky Words, Star Wars, etc.

Fanbolt lets you select up to two categories and additionally, you can input a Name or Nickname as well as your favorite number to generate 30 best-suited Twitter handles.

Want more options than the first 30 usernames that are produced? Simply hit the generate button again and produce another set of random usernames.

9. Name-Generator

One of the best funny Twitter handle generators. If you are looking for the perfect username but everything else is taken or perhaps you’re just trying to be a little more cryptic or entertaining then Name-Generator is the right choice.

Name-Generator Cool Twitter handle generator

Name-Generator is best for generating Twitter handles based on personal information. It asks for details like name, gender, adjectives that describe you, location, birthdays, etc. Based on this information Name-Generator provides an amusing, funny, and personality-oriented username.

If you are a private person or want to keep your details from sharing them on public domains then you should avoid providing personal details up to some extent.

However, Name-Generator is one of the best places to generate an amusing Twitter handle that best suits your personality and is closer to your likes and dislikes.

10. Twitter Name Generator

Twitter Name Generator is our next tool on the list. As the name suggests this is the dedicated Twitter handle generator, perfect for generating Twitter handle with minimal effort and minimum time.

Twitter Name Generator- Twitter handle generator

Twitter Name Generator asks for inputs like Name, Surname, likes, favorite number, etc. Based on these inputs it generates tons of Twitter handles for your selection. It provides an option to add prefixes as well in your Twitter handle. This option will increase the randomization and produce more usernames suitable for your Twitter handle which deserves the best.

Additionally, you can star-mark the username that you like from the list.

11. Fun Generators

Fun Generators is one of the most simple-to-use Twitter handle generator tools.

It only asks for one-word input that is most related to your business, you, or simply your Twitter profile and creates a list of names derived from that word.

Fungenerators Twitter handle generator

 Fun Generators is one of the simplest Twitter handle generator tools.  However, the tool comes with a few limitations. For starters, you can’t provide many options to generate a relevant username.

Also, if you want a short username, you can’t filter names for character count in Fun Generators.

Similarly, you can’t create a username using Fun Generator that doesn’t contain your input keyword.

12. NameRobot Fun Username Generator

twitter username generator - nameRobot

NameRobot offers creative and playful username suggestions suitable to not only Twitter but Cocktails, jewelry, and many more occasions or stuff. It allows users to choose between funny, cute, or cool usernames. NameRobot is suitable for individuals who want to add a touch of humor to their handles.

13. Jimpix

Jimpix is a Twitter handle generator to create usernames for various categories, with various filters.

Jimpix is a pretty vast tool for various other purposes but its username generator is the best one.

Jimpix Twitter handle generator

To create a username, you should provide a keyword, category, length of your username, start letter, and word positions and Jimpix will generate a best-suited username for your Twitter handle or any other social media.

In addition to that you can opt for the Show belts and whistles option which provides advanced filters for your username generation like the Nice front, plural, shuffle, chunk, numbers at the end, etc.

14. Twitter’s inbuilt Username generator

We will finish our list with the most used Twitter handle generator tool, Twitter’s in-built username generator itself.

Twitter in built Twitter handle generator tool

Inbuilt Twitter handle generator is the most used Twitter handle generator tool.

However, this is the most casual username generator tool as well. Most of us prefer to use it because we are not aware of other tools that provide so many filters, options, and flexibility.

The drawback of the inbuilt username generator tool is that it suggests random usernames which are based on only your current username and your account name.

It doesn’t provide you the option to filter based on your likes, hobbies, or any other category per se.

The good thing about the inbuilt Twitter username generator is that it suggests only available usernames and you don’t have to validate it again for its availability.

How to change your Twitter handle or Twitter username?

Here is the navigation you should follow to easily change your Twitter handle or username-

Step-1 Go to your Twitter profile and click on the More Button-

How to change Twitter handle- Step-1

Step-2 Click Settings and Privacy

How to change Twitter handle- Step-2

Step 3 Click your Account and then the Account information

How to change Twitter handle- Step-3

Step 4 Select the Username and update it with the Twitter handle of your choice

How to change Twitter handle- Step-4

Final thoughts-

Generating a Twitter handle that is suitable for your profile or your business is not an easy task. It should reflect your persona as well as a one-word substitution of what you want to convey to your audience.

Various tools discussed in this article can help you in generating the best username for your Twitter handle. If you are looking to generate a Twitter handle for your business then we would recommend you use BNG Business Name Generator.

If you are looking for a username for your profile that represents the best details about you we would recommend you use LastPass. You can try Fanbolt as well for personal username generation.

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