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Hacking Alert: What is the Joker malware which is targeting android apps? 20 Android apps you should uninstall immediately.

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A tech-savvy like you must have heard about the news of apps affected by Joker malware, which is stealing personal information, money, or subscribing to premium apps services that users have never requested.

The Joker malware, which appeared first in 2017, created quite a scare among mobile users and received this notorious nickname. 

Few people also believe that the name has been derived from Digital Justice, a DC comic. The Joker Virus, a self-aware, artificially intelligent, malicious program created by Joker in his retirement years, to continue his legacy once he was gone. 😀

In this article, we will explain in detail about Joker malware meaning and list of 20 apps affected by joker malware. Also, we will explain how to stay safe from this trojan and what should you do if your phone is infected with the Joker malware virus.

Joker malware illustration

Joker malware meaning?

Joker malware is a mobile malware that is designed to target mobile devices especially Android devices to steal information and money.

Malware is a contraction for “malicious software.” Joker malware is a program designed to infect popular apps on the Google Play store. Once users download these mobile apps joker malware starts getting access to privileges like contacts, locations, and messages.

As per Wikipedia, mobile malware is malicious software that targets wireless-enabled (PDA), by causing the collapse of the system and loss or leakage of confidential information.

Joker malware is a well-written mobile malware virus program that is capable of reading your messages which may include financial OTPs and making transactions without your awareness. Usually, it deletes OTPs after transactions.

So, the only way you will find out about financial transactions is by going through your bank statements.

Should you worry about Joker malware?

If you are tech-savvy and you are careful while installing apps on the Google play store and keep track of apps and permissions then you should not be worried about it.

Usually, Joker malware and other malware enter into your phone through malicious mini-games/apps from inauthentic publishers.

If you do mobile banking or in-app transactions you should be extra cautious and avoid using malicious-looking shady apps on the same device. 

It is always recommended not to enable mobile banking for the devices being used by those who are not very familiar with new technologies.

For your convenience, we have listed out 20 Android apps below in this article that are infected with Joker malware. You should avoid installing them on your phone.

What does Joker malware do?

As per recent events in Belgium, their local cyber police have informed that Joker malware can steal personal information and sell online, generate transactions, and read OTPs to do the financial transactions without your awareness.

Joker malware is also capable of interacting with various advertising networks and web pages by simulating clicks and stealthily signing up users for premium services.

Joker trojan can cause the device to run slow, modify the system settings without your permission, may drain your battery quickly.

That’s not it. Some researchers have speculated that Joker malware can evolve to perform more malicious activities in your phone that we are not aware of yet.

How to get rid of the Joker virus from your phone?

You should always update your android apps so that you are aligned with the latest security norm.

Also, if any app gets unlisted or unpublished from the play store you should immediately uninstall it from your device.

As a precautionary measure, you should always avoid clicking on links to install apps from unknown emails, WhatsApp forwards, and unknown texts. This way you can avoid installing malware apps.

Software should not be downloaded or installed via third-party downloaders, installers, Peer-to-Peer networks like torrent clients, or other channels of this kind. All apps and files should be downloaded only from official websites and via direct links.

If you suspect that your phone is infected with malware, you should immediately log out your email from your phone to protect your personal information from being used by malware. Then uninstall all the apps that are recently installed or look suspicious. 

Try to use any antivirus to scan your phone to make sure you are safe.

You can always navigate to the Android Permission manager in your phone to look at all the permission and privileges a particular app have. 

20 Android apps affected by Joker malware you should immediately uninstall-

Here is a list of apps that is reported by Google or other sources to cause Joker trojan.

  1. Quick SMS
  2. Flashlight Flash Alert on Call
  3. Smart TV Remote
  4. Super-click VPN
  5. Element Scanner
  6. Battery Charging Animation Bubble Effects
  7. Fast Magic SMS
  8. Volume Boosting Hearing Aid
  9. CamScanner
  10. Go Messages
  11. Super Message
  12. Easy PDF Scanner
  13. Super SMS
  14. Now QRCode Scan
  15. Travel Wallpapers
  16. Great SMS
  17. Halloween Coloring
  18. Classic Emoji Keyboard
  19. Blender Photo Editor-Easy Photo Background Editor
  20. Super Hero-Effect

Final thoughts-

I hope you learned about Joker malware and how to avoid it. Also, how to get rid of it in case your mobile phone is infected. 

Feel free to drop a comment and let us know your thoughts on the Joker malware virus.

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