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How to Fix onn. TV Problems [2022]

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onn. TV is a go-to brand for those looking for a budget and durable flat-screen TV. Their picture quality is excellent for the price range and they often have a lot of features too. Credit goes to Walmart, the biggest retail chain in the United States.

Usually, with a lesser price range product comes with a few issues or technicalities. on. TV is not an exception. In this article, we will talk about onn. TV, few common problems with onn. TV and how to fix them.

Let’s begin with a little about onn.TV and then we will jump into how to fix onn. TV associated problems.

A brief about onn. TV Brand

The most popular budget TV brand in America, onn. TVs, manufactured by Durabrand and sold under Walmart’s private label tradename, are available to purchase at Walmart’s online store for a budget range starting from $129 and up to $500. This range is popular among modest or entry-level buyers. You won’t be able to have high-end features like those offered by brands like LG and Samsung but with this price range and with the picture quality offered by onn. TV is totally worth buying it.

After buying onn. TV there are certain technicalities and minor issues like blank black screen on onn. TV, that might spoil the mood. But, don’t worry we got your back. Next we will be talking about how to fix if any suck issue appears on onn. TV.

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How to Fix onn. TV Problems?

As we discussed earlier, the most common problem on onn. TVs are a black screen. A huge set of onn. TV buyers have faced this issue and reported to official onn. TV warranty handler, Element Electronics Company. There is not much to worry about it. You can try these simple and basic fixes which will resolve minor issues caused just by a elementary error.

1. Unplug TV for 60 seconds

First fix to minor issues in onn. TV is to unplug your TV for 60 seconds from the power outlet. You already know this is the basic fix for any household items without consulting a technician. And there is not harm in trying this technique as we are not making any change in electronic item but just unplugging the power and replugging it.

This fix is mostly helpful in reenergizing onn. TV. We are usually glued to TVs continuously for hours without giving any break. Unplugging the TV from the wall outlet gives the much-needed break and reenergizes the TV and It does help in fixing a lot of problems.

2. Plug into another power outlet

Sometimes TVs show black screen just because the power outlet they are attached to is either short circuit or just faulty. To make sure this is the issue you should carefully unplugg it from current power outlet and plug it into some other working outlet. By doing it will get confirmed that the problem is not because of an issue in the power socket. We try this almost all the electrical equipment and it is helpful too.

3. Unplug and hold power button for 30 seconds

If first two remedies didn’t work then do not worry. There is one more way to try. You should unplug the TV from the power outlet and hold the power button of TV for 30 seconds. The reason for doing so it hard resetting your onn. TV. Hard resetting usually resolve most of the issue and reboot the core system.

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4. Check for remote battery

Sometimes we see the TV power led but we don’t notice it is red or green. Red light indicates TV power is switched off. Sometimes TV power is switched off and remote is not able to turn it on because its battery power is dead.

There can be other reason too for changing remote battery. Like, due to your remote is not giving proper signals to your TVs and TV screen is just black because of that and It can be caused due to the remote battery is dead.

5. Check for the faulty cables

These days TVs have two cables attached with the power cable and HDMI cable. Check whether all the cables are attached properly in their place. A faulty cable can also lead to a black screen problem.

Before checking cables make sure you remove the power plug and look for any cut in the wire or cables or the ports like HDMI should not be broken. Faulty cables are one of the major reasons for black screen issue in onn. TV. Don’t worry it is not hard to fix. You just need to buy a new cable and you can change it yourself if you have basic idea about electrical and electronic equipment. You can take help of local technical also if needed.

Final Thoughts

onn. TV is one of the best TV for budget audience but cost cutting compromises with quality sometimes. That is an obvious outcome. While buying you should be prepared doe such common issues and you should also be aware of how to deal with them.

Knowing how to resolve onn. TV issues like black screen helps in reducing your efforts of going to tech support. If you are facing problems like black screen try the fixes that we have explained throuout this article. If you are facing any other issue with onn. TV that we haven’t covered in this article feel free to comment and let us know the details so that we can search for optimal solution for additional issue and include the same in our article.

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