10 Best Free IP Stressers to use in 2022
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Top 10 Best Free IP Stresser in 2023

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If you are here looking for Best Free IP Stresser to test the durability of your server then you are at the right place. Nowadays a surge in traffic for a website or app is quite common. In order to keep your customers or web/app users engaged with your site, you will have to be prepared for such incidents.

For a starter, you should do rigorous testing of your server to check if it is capable to handle a particular amount of traffic. Free IP stresser discussed in this article are commonly used to test the robustness of the server or network.

In this article, we will explain in detail what an IP Stresser is, how to use it, and some of the best free IP Stresser that you can use to analyze any server before actually availing their services.

Also, we will go through FAQs like how to use a free IP Stresser, Is it legal to use IP Stresser, Why IP Stressers get banned, etc.

Before jumping to Best free IP Stresser let’s discuss what is an IP Stresser.

What is an IP Stresser?

What is an IP Stresser

IP Stresser is an app or a tool used to ensure the capability of a network or a server. Using a paid or a free IP Stresser tool you can run a stress test on a server and determine whether the Web Server’s bandwidth, CPU, and other resources are enough to handle the desired traffic load.

Basically with an IP Stresser tool, you can run simulated heavy load or traffic on the servers you want to test. It will show the results along with various stats and you will be able to identify if your server is capable to handle the traffic. Or if you are buying a new server you will be able to identify if it is enough for you or if you need to upgrade it.

There are many IP Stressers available out there in the market but not all of them are free. But here in this article, we have enlisted some of the best free IP stresser tools.

Top 10 Free IP Stresser tools

#1 Free Stresser

Free IP Stresser - Free Stresser

Free Stresser is one of the best Free IP stresser. The best quality about Free Stresser is that you can do the IP Stressing without creating an account or providing your personal email and other information. That is why we have kept Free Stresser on top of our list.

Using Free Stresser is very simple. You will have to provide a few minimal details such as IP Address, Port values, and a Captcha to keep the platform secure from spammers, and then click on Launch Stress Test to start the test.

Features of Free Stresser

  • No registration is required.
  • There is a cap of 50 free IP stress tests per day which is more than enough for an individual or a small organization. 
  • Free Stresser offers Paid Booter services as well with added features and stats.
  • Using Free Stresser you can do a UDP flood test.
  • A maximum of 1Gbps capacity is offered by Free Stresser.

#2 Str3ssed

Free IP Stresser - Str3ssed

Str3ssed is one of the most preferred Free IP Stresser or an IP Booster tool. Str3ssed offers 300 seconds of boot time with less than 1Gbps capacity which is more than enough if you are looking for free services.

The only limitation with Str3ssed is that it required registration before using it. So you might have to spend a little more time in registration to login in every time you want to use this tool.

However, the services provided by Str3sses are awesome. it gives you three hits and has 12 hours of access for free. If you want more features, you need to upgrade to any 16 plans ranging from $10 to $500.

Features of Str3ssed

  • Registration/login is required to use this free IT Stresser.
  • Total of 300 seconds boot time and 1Gbps capacity.
  • Can do up to three hits a day for free plan
  • Offers attractive paid services ranging from $10 to $500

#3 Instant Stresser

Free IP Stresser - Instant Stresser

Instant Stresser is a Free IP Stresser that exists for a long time and has made a vast market share today. You will have to create an account before using Instant Stresser.

The best quality about Instant Stresser is the no-cost capabilities and capacities that can reach up to 1000 Gbps offered completely free of cost.

Features of Instant Stresser

  • 1000 Gbps capacity
  • The attack time lasts 5 minutes
  •  It comes with a Layer 4 attack
  • Offers a fully responsive and easy to use User Interface

#4 Load Ninja

Free IP Stresser - Load Ninja

One of the best Free IP Stresser, LoadNinja is a cloud-based testing stage that offers made trade tests but mostly it is used as an IP stresser. You can use this tool to just test the constraint of your Web laborer, or go further and run scripts for the movement of the instinctive parts in your site at volume.

Features of Load Ninja

  • InstaPlay recorder that saves that test trip
  • Load Ninja offers various visual stats including usage stats, limit remaining, etc.
  • Offers 2 weeks of free trial with paid features
  • Paid plans offer various lucrative services including services like 2500 UVs per test

#5 IP Stresser

Free IP Stresser - IP Stresser

IP Stresser is a free IP Stresser tool that offers services like testing the capabilities of your network or server, pinging, and lucrative limits that will be more than enough if you are an individual or a small organization.

IP Stresser offers paid services as well that start from $5 a month. If you are using free services and want to have a look at the benefits offered in paid packages then you can use a free trial. During the free trial of IP Stresser, you can attack with a maximum capacity of 200 Mbps for only 300 seconds of 5 Minutes. You can also use their Referral program to save some bucks if you are planning to use the paid services of IP Stresser.

Features of IP Stresser

  • Maximum of 200Mbps capacity
  • The attack time of 5 minutes
  • Both layer 7 Scripts and layer 4 Scripts are available
  • Free trial available
  • Referral Program to earn commission

#6 Stresser.Ai

Free IP Stresser - Stresser.Ai

Stresser.Ai is another one of the best Free IP stresser booter tools. The best quality about this tool is that it does not require an account to use the service.

Using Stresser.Ai is very simple. You will have to visit the site from the browser, enter the details like IP Address, etc., and hit Start to start the testing. Stresser.Ai offers 1Gbps capacity and you can make up to 50 attacks a day along with both Layer 4 and Layer 7 types of attacks.

Features of Stresser.Ai

  • No registration is required to use services
  • You can make both Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks
  • Carry out 50 seizures a day
  • The total capacity of 1Gbps
  • An attack time that can last for 300 seconds

#7 Dotcom-Monitor

Free IP Stresser - Dotcom-monitor

Dotcom-Monitor is a unique type of IP Stresser that is cloud-based and easily accessible everywhere. Users can run scripts through a large number of projects on their laborers without any issue.

Dotcom-Monitor checks the performance, functionality, and uptime from real browsers and offers a vast and visual analysis of how your web pages, web applications, APIs, and services are performing for users in real-time.

Features of Dotcom-Monitor

  • Offers 30 days free trial
  • The alert mechanism of Dotcom-Monitor is effective in debugging and resolving any issue reported
  • Offers integration with many widely used platforms including Salesforce, Zapier, Asana, etc.
  • Paid packages start from $18 to $40 with lucrative options and features


#8 Neocities Free Booter

Free IP Stresser - Neocities FreeBooter

Neocities is a hosting web service that offers FreeBooter as their free IP Stresser tool that is available for free to use.

There is no registration required to use the Neocities IP Stresser tool. You will have to go to their free IP Stresser option and enter the required information then click on Start. It offers 5 Gbps of capacity for free

Features of Neocities FreeBooter

  • No Log-in required
  • Responsive and Easy to use the navigation
  • Up to 5 Gbps of capacity for free
  • Completely Free service

#9 Flood.io

Free IP Stresser - Flood.ai

Flood.io is a platform that offers IP Stressing in small, medium, and large segments based on users’ needs. It is the best IP Stresser for simulating demand on an application and then measuring that application or system for performance.

The best quality about Flood.ai is that it offers free services for up to 500 VUH every month after that you will have to pay a nominal fee of ¢4.5 per VUH (¢3.6 for volume users). If you are a large industry then you can buy custom packs as per the usage.

Flood.ai let you watch the test live, seeing the aggregate of the display estimations collected from your site under tension as they appear.

Features of Flood.ai

  • Offer unlimited concurrent hitting
  • Max test duration of 12 hours
  • Offers API access for integrations

#10 Stress Them

One of the best free IP stresser, Stress Them is available on the web for free. Stress Them is stacked with a 1000 Gbit/s limit and goes with a free pack that can offer most parts of the thing. It was at first expected for reproducing little DDoS attacks anyway today even endeavors across the world use Stress Them to test the generosity of their servers and networks.

Features of Stress Them

  • 1000 Gbit/s limit, which is more than enough.
  • Limitless attacks every day with simultaneous attack capacity
  • Layer 4 systems
  • Extended 4 hours of attack time if offered by Stress Them

FAQs related to IP Stresser tools

How to Use an IP Stresser?

First, visit any of the best free IP Stresser tools enlisted above in this article. If it is required then create an account. In the process, you will have to provide information like IP address and other required details and select how much traffic you want to simulate, and then click on start.

Usually, using an IP stresser is straight forward but you can always use the support option to take professional help from a Free IP Stresser service provider.

Which of the free IP Stresser doesn’t require any registration?

If you are looking for using Stresser without any registration then you should use either Free Stresser, Stresser.ai, or Free Stresser by Neocities.

Is it illegal to use IP Stressers?

IP Stressers are tools used to test network capability. It is used to check the real-time network status and if it is required to upgrade the network. In this process, a heavy load is bombarded at the server to test its durability. Using these services against other networks or servers with bad intentions is considered illegal.

Why does IP Stressers get shut down?

As we have seen IP Stresser can be used to interrupt services of other websites so there are regulations on using these services. While there are many legal online Stresser services, many IP Stresser tools operate illegally. When noticed by the authorities, these Stressers sites are shut down.

Who is booter?

Booter, are a Demand Distributed-Denial-of-Service (DDOS) attack services that are used to test the capabilities of a network or servers. Booter services are also used in many illegal activities to launch attacks against websites and networks to bring them down.

What is IP booting?

IP Booting is a Denial of Service (DoS) used to test the capabilities of a server or network. Many Third-party services provide IP Booting services.

Final Thoughts

IP Stressers are very helpful tools used regularly to test the capabilities of a network or servers. Nowadays many individuals and corporates are using IP Stresser to test the strength of their websites against bot attacks as well as the surge in traffic due to seasonality factors or various other reasons.

The free IP Stresser tools listed in this article can be used if a network/server is small and the web admins have a tiny budget. It is always recommended to use these tools with caution because there are many such tools available in the market which is being used to spread malware.

Also, it is recommended to use these tools to just analyze the traffic rather than using it to cause harm to other networks and servers.

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