10 Best Sites like Icefilms to watch movies and shows free

10 Best Sites Like IceFilms to Watch Movies and TV shows Free Online [2023]

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If you have used the IceFilms site for movie streaming then you must be aware of how easy it was to watch any movie, TV Series, or documentary without any cost. Using the sites like IceFilms it was easy to browse through various genres and pick any movie or show you wanted to watch.

There are many movie streaming sites, like 123Movies, FMovies, SolarMovie, etc. which got banned due to some reasons. IceFilms, a popular movie streaming site, is also one of these sites that got closed now. Thus, you can try the following IceFilms alternatives to enjoy your favorite movies and shows.

In this article, I am going to give you a list of the 10 best sites like IceFilms in 2022. If you are not aware of IceFilms we are going to briefly explain a little about this amazing site. In addition to that, we will know about its alternatives as well.

What is IceFilms?

sites like Icefilms

IceFilms was a video streaming website that offered a huge collection of TV shows and Movies. It had various categories as well which made it easier for you to find your favorite movie, shows, and documentaries.

Why was IceFilms closed?

When we talk about such movie streaming sites, they usually get closed due to various reasons. One of the reasons is DMCA.

Although IceFilms was a great source to watch shows and movies for free there are always many alternatives available on the internet. Since the main website of Icefilms went down, there are various domains with the same name but different TLDs popping like mushrooms. Now the important part is finding the best sites like IceFilms without being trapped in sites full of ads and malware.

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10 Sites Like IceFilms

1. TubiTV

sites like icefilms - TubiTV

TubiTV is one of the best sites like IceFilms. With a neat UI, proper categorization, and no ads, TubiTV is probably the best IceFilms alternative we have listed here.

Just click and watch the movie without any irritating ad pop-ups. Moreover, you can create an account on this site as well so that you can continue a movie from where you have left.

TubiTV has a long list of movies, Documentaries, and TV shows as well. TubiTV is the site that can be considered a perfect alternative to IceFilms. In a few ways, it is even better than that.

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2. StreamM4u

sites like icefilms - StreamM4u

StreamM4u is one of the best sites like IceFilms, which allows you to watch HD movies free online without any registration. This site has huge collections of movies, episodes, and TV shows ranging from the year 2000 to 2021. You can filter these movies and shows by year and genre.

The best quality about this site is the enormous collection of content that is very hard to find in any other IceFilms alternatives.

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3. Classiccinemaonline.com

sites like icefilms - Classiccinemaonline.com

One of the best sites like IceFilms, Classiccinemaonline.com is dedicated to all the users who like watching classic movies and shows.

There is no doubt IceFilms had some great classic films, but what if we get a dedicated movie streaming site only for classic movies? Isn’t it great? Exactly. So, there is one site Classiccinemaonline.com which is one of the best sites like IceFilms but they only offer Classic Cinemas which is great for classic movie lovers.

In addition to the dedicated genre, Classiccinemaonline.com had a few more features that make it awesome. For starters, this site doesn’t pop many ads which are great for watching movies and shows without any interruption.

The site also offers a very neat and clean UI with easy-to-navigate options and menu. They have a huge list of movies, serials, and silent movies that is enough to satisfy your cravings for classic movies.

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4. Cmovies

sites like icefilms - Cmovies

Cmovies is another website in our list of 10 best sites like IceFilms. The reason for including this website in our list is that it includes a variety of genres like romance, family, crime, and animation. It’s also a large library of TV series.

In addition to that, it’s a place where you can watch movies and shows from various other cinema industries like Chinese, Korean movies, Japanese movies, and many more. Thus, Cmovies is also one of the best sites like IceFilms.

One issue with Cmovies is that it pops ads more than any other sites like IceFilms listed in our post. So, if you are planning to watch any series on this website then you might have to plan accordingly.

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5. Freemoviescinema.com

sites like icefilms - Freemoviescinema

Freemoviescinema.com is one of the best sites like IceFilms. Admins of Freemoviescinema.com are very active and keep the site data up to date. It has been there on the web for quite some time, and gradually they have built an enormous collection of movies, shows, and documentaries that will definitely fulfill all your needs.

It has movies from almost all popular genres such as Horror, Adventure, Sci-fi, romance, documentaries, etc. They have most of the recent movies in HD, and the too old movies are in SD. They pop ads here and there but they are not irritating and can be managed while watching a movie or a show.

6. Lookmovie.ag

sites like icefilms - LookMovie.ag

If you need an IceFilms alternative to watch the latest movies and episodes free in high definition 1080p, LookMoive is a reliable choice. It offers 18 movie categories like action, crime, and drama. Also, it lets you filter movies by genre, year, rating, and Top IMDB to find your favorite movie quickly. And LookMovie is a good place to enjoy TV shows.

Although Lookmovie.ag is one of the best sites like IceFilms, the ads shown on this site may hinder your experience but as you know when you get something for free, you have to pay for it in some other form.

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7. GoStream

sites like icefilms - GoStream

With GoStream, one of the best IceFilms alternatives, you can watch movies free online and without ads. This site has collected hundreds of HD movies, and it enables you to sort by genre, most viewed, and top IMDB. Therefore, it’s also a good IceFilms alternative.

Genres available on GoStream are-

  • Action
  • Comedy
  • Adventure
  • Drama
  • Romance
  • Western

In addition to vast genres, GoStream has an enormous movie collection from 1930. Another good quality about GoStream is its low loading time and responsive website. GoStream is a real good alternative to IceFilms.

8. Soap2Day Digital

sites like icefilms - Soap2Day Digital

Soap2Day is another great site like IceFilms for HD movies and shows. Admins have categorized the content very neatly into 20 categories, just choose a genre of your choice, then you can get all related content.

In addition to that, Soap2Day offers a powerful filter option to let you filter movies by year, top watched, newest, etc. You can register for downloading free movies.

The only issue with this site is too many ad popups so you might have to struggle a bit to reach the right movies or shows of your choice. 

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9. PopCordFlix

sites like icefilms - PopCornFlix

PopCornFlix is one of the best sites like IceFilms. There are many movie streaming sites, but when it comes to sites like IceFilms, Popcornflix.com has its place fixed. With collections of thousands of movies and a better categorization, PopCornFlix offer a really neat UI with fewer ads.

Please note that PopCornFlix is not available in all regions so you might have to connect to VPN in order to access the content on this site.

Popcornflix is one of the best sites like IceFilms which has a considerable number of movies and TV shows. So, enjoy free movies on this streaming website.

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10. StreamLikers

sites like icefilms - StreamLikers-2

The last item in our list of 10 Best sites like IceFilms is StreamLikers. As name suggests this site has been specially designed for stream likers. If you are looking for IceFilms alternative site for movies and shows streaming then you should give StreamLikers a chance.

StreamLikers allows you to watch full movies online without any charges. This site lets you filter movies by genre, most viewed, and many other categories.

In addition to that, StreamLikers has some popular TV series such as Game of Thrones, Revolution, The Walking Dead, The Witcher, etc.

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What are the best sites like IceFilms?

As listed in this post TubiTV, StreamM4U, CMovies, and ClassicCinemaOnline are a few of the best IceFilms alternatives that are still running in 2022.

Is it legal to visit websites like IceFilms and download movies?

No, not all websites like IceFilms are legal. It is always recommended to visit only legal websites and not to download and distribute copyright content.

What are safe ways to visit websites like IceFIlms?

Few measures can be taken to use these websites safe way. The first and most important part is hiding your identity using a VPN. Also, you should always be vigilant while visiting these sites because a few of these websites are potentially filled with malware and viruses. You should always have an updated antivirus to protect your device from any viruses. You should be liable for any damage caused to you while visiting these sites.

Final Thoughts

In the era of viruses and uncertainties, people are looking for ways to keep themselves entertained and relaxed. There are various streaming sources popping up online like mushrooms but very few are reliable and can help you with the exact movie or TV show. The sites listed in this post are a few of the most popular and best sites like IceFilms.

It is always recommended to watch movies from legal sources to avoid any complications. You can use sources like TubiTV, StreamM4u, classiccinemaonline to watch your favorite movie and show without spending a penny.

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