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#11 Best Mobdro Alternatives Live TV Apps for Android & FireStick [2023]

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In this post, you will find the best available alternatives for Mobdro streaming. Mobdro alternatives suggested here are suitable for FireStick tv, Android, Mac, and Windows PC.

There is no doubt about Mobdro being the leader in the no-cost T.V. segment for years, but now the app world is flooded with many Mobdro alternatives. In many cases, these alternatives are even much better than Mobdro itself because they do not pop any commercials, and have vast categories with a huge collection of TV shows.

What happened to Mobdro?

In the recent conclusion of a legal battle, Mobdro was shut down because of the claim of 43 million illegal viewership of a match on this app. The premier league won the legal battle and a few Mobdro related persons have been arrested too.

In other words, Mobdro is not working anymore and it is highly unlikely that it would come back in the future. But we don’t have to worry about that as we have some awesome Mobdro alternatives for FireStick, Android, and Windows streaming devices that work smoothly and possess even better features and options than Mobdro streaming.

Best Apps like Mobdro-

1- Pluto TV (Free)

Pluto TV is one of the best Mobdro alternatives that you can avail of free of cost for your FireStick, Android, or Windows streaming devices from respective official sources.

Mobdro Alternatives - PlutoTV

Pluto TV is one of the best Mobdro alternatives that is a legit Live TV streaming service. You don’t need to worry about the legitimacy of this app because it is 100% legal to use, and you can get it from the google play store and the apple app store. We have dropped the link below to get it.

Pluto TV is completely free to use. Since Pluto TV does not require any paid subscription they rely on advertisements. This means you will encounter commercials while watching your favorite content. This is the only cons with this app.

Pluto TV has good streaming collections including drama, crime thrillers, movies, sports, and much more.

Download Pluto TV

2- Sling TV

Mobdro Alternatives - Sling TV

Sling TV is one of the best Mobdro alternatives for streaming online content. It works on Amazon FireStick, Android, fire tv, Windows, etc.

Sling TV is another legitimate alternative to Mobdro. This service will give you access to cable TV channels from the US, including CNN, Fox News, History, TNT, Cartoon Network, Discovery, and tons more. Sling TV service is available only in the US region.

You can use free trials on your smart device and later you can buy their membership plan which is categorized in Blue and Orange plans to unlock premium features.

Download Sling TV

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3. AOS TV (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - AOS TV

AOS TV is one of the best IPTV Androidapplicationsn, supporting thousands of live television channels from all genres like Sports, News, Entertainment, Movies, cartoons, etc. One of the best things about this app is that you get T.V. channels from Worldwide, and you can watch them free of cost.

AOS TV app is very easy to use. Like many modded apps you will have to search for the content you wish to watch. Multiple links will appear and you will have to try the working one.

AOS TV works with Amazon FireStick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, and many more.

Download AOS TV

4. Ola TV (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - Ola TV

If you are looking for an alternative to the Mobdro app to stream some TV channels then Ola TV can be one of the best options.

Ola TV offers up to 50000 channels free of cost. You can access more than 12000+ Live TV Channels online in Full HD resolution. That is not it, the admins of Ola TV update channels, movies, and shows frequently to keep the list up to date.

The best alternative to the Mobdro app, Ola TV offers a very simple and easy-to-use UI, regardless of the platform you run it on.

Ola TV can be easily installed on FireStick, Android, and Windows PC.

Download OlaTV

5. Live NetTV (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - LIVE NetTV

Live NetTV is probably the most widely used streaming platform. It is also considered among the best alternative to the Mobdro app.  Live NetTV gives 700+ live channels in 8+ categories: sports, news, entertainment, documentaries, music, cooking, kids, and religion. The best thing about Live NetTV is that they don’t pop any commercial in between streaming and watching any show.

The user interface design of Live NetTV is smooth and you can easily find your favorite channel. It doesn’t require any in-app purchases, sign-ups, or subscription charges. As a category Live Net TV also offers a wide range of movies and shows for entertainment.

Download Live NetTV

6. YouTube TV: Live TV and More

Mobdro Alternatives - YouTube TV

YouTube TV is one of the best live TV streaming sources. Just like Mobdro, YouTube TV has an enormous number of channels and categories of streaming services.

A legitimate live streaming app, YouTube TV was launched in 2017 and soon become the most popular Live T.V. streaming app. It had around 85+ channels including ABC, AMC, CBS, FOX, NBC, NFL Network, ESPN,  Univision, HGTV, TNT, and many more.

Although YouTube TV offers a free trial it is not free and you have to pay $64.99/month as a subscription charge.

Download YouTube TV

7. Thop TV (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - ThopTV

ThopTV is a Mobdro alternative built in China and provides live streaming of almost all sports and many more H.D. quality graphics channels for free. Thop TV is the best among all Mobdro alternatives because it has many features like live sports, movies, entertainment, etc.

One of the best Mobdro alternatives, ThopTV was recently removed from the Google play store due to conflicting privacy policy issues.

Now ThopTV can be downloaded from third-party websites. Although it is safe to use however you should refrain from giving unnecessary permissions like sharing contacts, giving location access, etc. You should always deny those permissions.

Please note that it is not entirely safe to use Thop TV as you must accept some security and privacy risks in order to use Thop TV.

Download Thop TV

8. Swift Streamz (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - Swift Streams

The next app in the list of best Mobdro alternatives is Swift Streamz. This is the best option if you are looking for an app to watch live streaming sports or shows on your android phone.

Like the Mobdro app, Swift Streamz also offers a huge number of channels. Using Swift Streamz you watch 700+ TV channels from around the world without spending any money.

Swift Streamz also supports FireStick, Fire TV, Chromecast, and Windows devices. You can also use it with external video players like MX Player, VLC Player, Android Player, and more.

The only drawback with this app is the commercials. But with so many features I think spending a couple of minutes on the ads is not that bad.

Download Swift Streams

9. Exodus Live T.V. App (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - Exodus Live TV

The next app on our list of the best Mobdro alternatives is Exodus Live TV App.

Exodus live TV is an IPTV service that offers over 1000+ channels along with an effortless and easy-to-navigate user interface that is 100% free.

The best quality of the Exodus live tv app is that it has a very low buffering rate with full H.D. graphics support and is completely free of cost.

Download Exodus TV

10. TVCatchup (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - TVCatchup

The next streaming service app in our list of best Mobdro alternatives is TVCatchup. TVCatchup is quite popular for United Kingdom-based live streaming channels. You can watch live U.K. T.V. on demand, at your convenience. TVCatchup provides various categories of streaming including but not limited to news, sports, movies, music, shopping, and children’s T.V.

TVCatchup operated as a cable service and retransmitted popular channels like ITV, BBC, Channel 4, and Channel 5, only in the UK. TVCatchup is really nice app with an easy-to-use user interface and is recommended to watch Live T.V. content from the U.K.

Download TVCatchup

11. TVTap Pro (Free)

Mobdro Alternatives - TV Tap Pro

TVTap Pro is one of the best Mobdro alternatives. Once you download and start using it you will never miss the Mobdro app because TVTap Pro has an enormous collection of 500+ streaming channels.

The best quality about TVTap Pro is that content is categorized so nicely that finding your favorite streaming channel is much easier here and that too in HD resolution.

In addition to that TVTap Pro keeps channels up to date by regularly updating the list. Any new channel is added immediately to the list so that users don’t get bored with existing content.

This Mobdro alternative is free of cost available to use and it supports Android, FireStick, Windows, mac, and external video players like MX Player as well.

Download TVTap Pro

FAQs related to Mobdro and using its alternatives

Are Mobdro alternative Apps legal and safe to use?

In our list, most of the apps are legitimate and safe to use. Other apps are also safe to use as long as you don’t accept unnecessary permissions and don’t provide full access. As a precaution, you can use VPN to safeguard your identity.

Is Mobdro banned?

Due to a recent stream that was joined by millions of users on Mobdro, a complaint was filed by Premier League organizers. Recently few people from Mobdro were arrested and since then the app has been shut down. It is not expected to get live any soon because of legal complications.

What are some good alternatives to Mobdro?

Without a doubt, Mobdro was the best but we have some cool alternatives once installed you won’t miss Mobdro anymore. A few examples are Sling TV, AOS TV, Pluto TV, Swift Streams, etc.

Which type of Mobdro alternatives are recommended to use?

It is always recommended to use legitimate TV streaming apps like YouTube TV, Pluto TV, etc. Using these apps we ensure safety and privacy as well as directly or indirectly TV channels earn what they really deserve.

Unlegitimate apps can also be used but make sure to use VPN to mask the identity and also deny any kind of permission asked by the app.


As we know Mobdro has been shut down due to legal complications but there are still plenty of live TV apps that can be used as Mobdro alternatives. We have listed alternatives of Mobdro that is mostly free except for YouTube TV and Sling TV. You can use these apps to watch live streaming of sports, movies, TV shows from all over the world.

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  1. While Mobdro was available there was no need to look around. It was sufficient itself. Currently I am using Swift streamz and TVCatchup from this list. They are close to Mobdro and also free to use. You can also go for them

  2. Thop TV also has been shut down. Now here and there we can see its Modded version.

  3. Dont use Thop TV. It is either flooded with virus or steal personal information.

  4. I’m glad to see that there are so many great Mobdro alternatives available for Android and FireStick. I’m currently using Mobdro and I really like it.

  5. I’m glad to see that there are so many great Mobdro alternatives available for Android and FireStick. I’m currently using Mobdro and I really like it.

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