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10 iPhone Issues and How to Fix Them

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The iPhone comes with amazing features and functions that allow for better productivity and performance. It seems unexpected, but iPhones also land you into problems, and you may not be able to use them efficiently.

Luckily most of the problems you may face with your Apple devices can get resolved by taking simple preventive measures. And if nothing works, you can take professional help anytime.

However, you do not have to visit the Apple store every time you struggle with your iPhone. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 very common but not easy to resolve iPhone issues. Below are listed some troubleshooting techniques to avoid those problems along with a solution in hand.

1. Sudden Data Loss

Imagine losing special memories or data needed to present in a meeting. It can happen while updating the operating system on the iPhone.

You might lose your media files such as images, videos, spreadsheets, and reports stored on the iPhone. You can avoid this by backing up your data in cloud storage before updating your iPhone.

2. Inability to play MP3

In case you are unable to enjoy music on your Apple music player, check the application’s internal settings and permissions granted to access music from the iPhone.

If you are not able to listen to a music file, make sure to convert the music track to MP3. If you are wondering about how to get mp3 on iPhone, numerous ways are available; so find one that best fits your needs.

3. Unreliable WiFi

A struggle with the connectivity issue is extremely annoying, but there are a few steps to help you resolve it with your iPhone. Check the connectivity settings on the iPhone to find out if it’s connected to the correct source.

Switch it off and turn it on again to check the improvements. Restart your iPhone to rectify the glitch on your device. Change the proxy settings to avoid connectivity issues in the future.

4. Shorter Battery Life

You may notice that your iPhone has been draining faster than its expected rate after an iOs upgrade.

The performance of your iPhone battery could be due to power-hungry background applications on the device that also pressure the storage capacity of the iPhone. The advice is to identify and remove these applications to improve the battery backup.

5. Frequent Overheating

Overheating can impact the overall functioning of your iPhone. The issue may result in a crash or major damage to the device.

Do not use multiple applications and exit them properly to avoid overheating. Also, keep your iPhone in a cool and dark environment. Keep your mobile phone idle and switch it off for several minutes to cool it down.

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6. Inconsistent Bluetooth

Bluetooth helps not only to share files but also to connect iPhone devices. Having connectivity issues can be resolved with a few steps.

Try to switch it off and turn it on again to function properly. If you are facing an issue pairing Bluetooth with another device, repair the smartphone and check the permission settings on the device.

7. Frozen Applications

You may wonder what to do if the iPhone app gets frozen or exists at the time of launch? The answer to that question is to check if you have updates installed on your device.

This can happen because of malware or a malicious app too which might be using a lot of memory and other resources and in the end, your phone or an app get frozen. To avoid this please do not install apps from untrusted sources.

If an app freezes and stops responding to your commands, restart your iPhone and check if it is working after the restart. If nothing works, you will be required to visit the nearby Apple store.

8. Frigid Touch

Firstly check if your hands and screen are clean to detect the touch feature of the device. After doing it, figure out if it’s a freeze or an issue with the touchscreen.

Once you are aware of the scenario, restart the device to fix the bug. Make sure the fault isn’t due to the hardware of the screen. Take it to the repair shop if the touchscreen is still bothering you after a hard reset.

9. Unresponsive Black Screen

The black screen may occur on your iPhone after a failed update attempt. If the phone is stuck on a black screen, you will need to perform a hard reset on your device.

Before doing a hard reset, make sure to back up your data. Once you have secured the existing data on the iPhone, hard reset the phone to get rid of the black screen.

10. Insensitive FaceID

Another issue that can be possible with your iPhone is the ability to detect the Face ID. Use another method to unlock the device. Open the passcode settings, remove the Face ID from the iPhone, and set it up again to the screen lock. You may also ask Siri to help you to open the screen lock.

Before you implement any of the above-mentioned tips, make sure to back up the entire data so that you can easily restore files if anything goes wrong.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt iPhone is the best phone in the market as compared to other sellers but that doesn’t mean iPhone is not prone to occasional issues. Having such a costly phone and facing issues with it can be hard to handle. Using these 10 iPhone issues and guides to solve them can be very handy. Please use these suggested methods with caution and Today’s TechWorld won’t be liable for any damage. It is always recommended to consult a technician or expert from authentic iPhone service centers.

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