8 Best Phone Cooling Apps

8 Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS users [verified list in 2023]

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With the evolution of animation, gaming, and streaming technologies everyone is using heavy apps like PUBG, Snapchat, Facebook, Spotify, etc. these days. Heavy usage of phone resources increases the battery temperature and reduces the phone life.

There are several tips and tricks to keep your phone cool and optimized. Using Phone cooling apps is one of the best tricks to optimize the phone performance and keep your phone processor cool.

However, Android and iOS are flooded with phone cooling apps that serve irritating ad popups which just do not serve the purpose for which it has been designed. But, do not worry we have created a list of 10 Best Phone Cooling Apps for Android and iOS devices that keeps the phone healthy with minimal ad popups.

Before jumping to Best Phone Cooling Apps let’s understand how these apps work and keep your phone from heating.

How do phone cooling apps work?

Most Phone Cooling Apps are designed to balance the heating of your phone’s CPU. In order to do that they sometimes kill apps running in the background which frees the CPU from doing extra work and in turn temperature of your phone is down.

Few app developers claim that these apps take root permissions to your phone to change voltage or clock speed to keep the phone temperature balanced and stop it from overheating.

Please use apps at your caution and avoid giving unnecessary permissions. We will not be liable for any damage caused,

10 Best Phone Cooling Apps

1. Cool Down Phone Temperature: Cooling Master

Phone Cooling Apps - 01 Cooling Master

With 1 M+ installs and a 4.3 overall rating Cooling Master is one of the best Phone Cooling Apps. This app provides many options to cool down apps by cutting the resources without affecting the performance. 

Using the Cooling Master app you can regularly check your CPU health and temperature in real-time. 

App developers claim that this app provides the smart CPU cool down application with an efficient cooling mechanism, which cool down the CPU of cell phone up to 9%. I believe this is impressive.

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2. Cooling Master – Phone Cooler

Phone Cooling Apps - 02 Cooling Master - Phone Cooler

With 1M+ downloads and a 4.5 rating Cooling Master is one of the best Phone cooling Apps under 100MB sizes. Developers claim that Cooling Master- Phone Cooler automatically detects and closes heavy resource-consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and lower the phone temperature. 

Cooling Master does real-time temperature monitoring and prevents overheating. This app also provides the option to manually cool down your phone with just one tap.

Few people have recently reported that this App pops one screen on startup which is really hard to close. I believe developers must be resolving this bug and soon it will be again bug-free.

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3. Cooler Master – Clean Booster

Phone Cooling Apps - 03 Cooling Master - Clean Booster

Cooler Master for Phone is the best CPU Cooler Master application!
Device Cooler Master and CPU Cooler Master is a professional temperature monitoring and controlling app. CPU cooler master that detects and closes heavy resource-consuming apps to reduce CPU usage and cool down your phone. Now multitasking with ease and comfort, without having to worry about device heat and cooling functions.

In addition to that Clean Booster Clean cache memory, free up RAM so that your phone runs on optimum resource utilization instead of unfair resource distribution.

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4. Battery Saver Du – Life Saver & DU Battery Charger

Phone Cooling Apps - 04 DU Battery Saver

While looking for Mobile Cooling Apps we understand that this is mostly related excell use of the battery. If you are looking for a battery saver app for your Android smartphone or tablet, you should definitely check out the DU Battery Saver app.

With a neat UI and one-touch interface to optimize your battery performance, DU Battery Saver App is all in one app.

The most important task of Battery Saver DU is protecting your phone from heating issues. Battery Saver DU let you see what percentage of apps you have got running within the background and find regular, correct estimates of duration that your phone might run with current usage stats.

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5. CPU Cooler Master – Phone Cooler (Ram Cleaner)

Phone Cooling Apps - 05 CPU Cooler Master

The next app on our list of best Phone cooling apps is CPU Cooler Master. Well received by users this app is very popular for optimizing your phone’s critical resources like Battery and Central Processing.

With 5 M+ downloads and a 4.3 plus rating CPU, Cooler Master is definitely worth a try if you are looking for a Phone cooling app.

A few unique features of the CPU Cooler Master App are-

  • Tracking & Monitoring equipment.
  • Detecting Overheating Apps.
  • One tap to cool down.
  • Overheating Warning for the phone.

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06. Super Clean-Master of Cleaner

Phone Cooling Apps - 06 Super Clean Master

The Super clean app is built with the purpose of cleaning the non-essential resources that might hamper the phone’s CPU and Battery performance.

Along with the cleaning features Super Clean App offers Cool lightweight wallpapers, Speed Booster, CPU Cooler, and cache cleaner.

With so many features Super Clean App is probably the best among the available Phone Cooling Apps. After using this app you will feel that lagging is reduced and the refresh rate will also be enhanced. The cooling feature will increase the Battery and ultimately phone’s life.

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7. Assistant for Android

Phone Cooling Apps - 07 Assistant for Android

The next app on our list of best Phone cooling apps is Assistant for Android. As the name suggests this is made for Android phones and is probably one of the most effective and comprehensive resource management tools applications to improve your Android phone’s performance.

In addition to cooling Assistant for Android also offers features like cache cleaning, File Management, Startup management, Batch installs, and many more.

Assistant for Android developers has listed the 18 best features that will help in enhancing phone performance and cooling down your phone.

Assistant for Android is available in paid version as well but the free version also does the job.

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8. CPU Cooler – Antivirus, Clean

Phone Cooling Apps - 08 CPU Cooler - Antivirus, Clean

If you are looking for all one app in the segment of Phone cooling apps with higher user ratings then CPU Cooler – Antivirus, Clean is one of the best options. 

CPU Cooler offers a neat and intuitive UI that displays real-time CPU temperature, one-touch junk cleanup, Speed booster, virus cleaner, photo cleaner which removes redundant photos, app manager, and many more feature which is hardly offered by any app altogether.

Although there is some downside to this app too. A few users have reported that this app is useful but sometimes invasive too. It asks for a lot of permissions.

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How to Keep your phone cool naturally?

Phone heats when its CPU utilizes its resources or it does complex calculations. Usually, these situations arise when you play high-resolution graphics games which require high computational powers to render the images to make the game of animation realistic. If possible avoid playing higher resolution games that are beyond your phone’s configurations.

Turn off the phone or keep it in flight mode when there are network fluctuations. This keeps your phone idle from constantly searching for signals and avoids overheating issues.

You can also try to keep your phone in cool places (not in sunny areas), root and underlock the CPU, and change to a custom Kernel if supported.


Final Thoughts

Mobile App Cooling Apps are a good way to optimize your phone resources so that the temperature never rises too much and causes any damage. The heating of the phone reduces its life too.

There are many apps that claim to do the cooling job but very few do it and even lesser do it in the right way. So you should always choose the Phone cooling app very carefully because they might be flooded with advertisements that may do an adverse effect on your phone. 

Also, Phone cooling apps are sometimes flooded with malware which is may steal your information so you should always be cautious while providing access and permissions to these apps. 

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