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Artificial Intelligence and Its 4 Best Prospects for The Future

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A couple of years ago, many science fiction movies anticipated that eventually, the world will be dominated by robots. At that time, it was just an idea but today it has become close to reality. The incorporation of Artificial Intelligence, or simply AI, has made all of that possible. People are conflicted about whether or not it has been a good decision but there is no denying that AI is a breakthrough in technological science.

We can see AI in our everyday lives now and it’s surprising how our reliability on AI rises by the day, even as small as heading to a telecommunication company’s page and searching for something on it like Xfinity packages and finding the AI redirecting us to different packages and whatever we need to know about those.

Artificial Intelligence and its future prospects

AI is hence everywhere, especially in the virtual online world. Now that AI has successfully been induced into society through the mechanism of the internet, the question is, what is the future going to be like since we have been introduced to AI, and that too as deeply as it is, from monitoring us and decoding human information to endless knowledge at its grasp and thus where will it go?

What exactly is AI?

WHat is Artificial Intelligence

AI refers to a branch of technology called Artificial Intelligence and the name itself is very self-explanatory. The idea is to use computers and algorithms to mimic the intelligence that is seen in humans and incorporate it into machines and robots. The technology has proved to be quite beneficial and progressive.

Originally, the idea behind Artificial Intelligence was introduced back in 1951 but it was just theoretical back then. The idea was put into practicality later when the resources became more advanced. The main idea behind the invention of Artificial Intelligence has been problem-solving. Similarly, another principle behind AI has been facilitation, especially for humans. Currently, with the invention and production of new products and machines, companies are trying to incorporate more Artificial Intelligence into their products.

What is Machine Learning?

What is Machine Learning

Machine learning is a significant branch of artificial intelligence. As you can guess by its name, it helps the machine understand human behavior, languages, gestures, etc. An example of this AI element would be predictive text or grammar correction.

Machine or deep learning has become one of the leading aspects of anything AI-related today. Since machine understands various aspects of human nature, they can help them execute tasks such as:

  • Content creation or recreation
  • Rewriting or paraphrasing
  • Customized advertisements

Another example of this could be seen when you log into your Netflix or another streaming account next time. The personalized menus that you see, including the type of films or TV shows you like, then that’s machine learning at its best—since it understands what you like.

What are the different types of Artificial Intelligence?

As of now, four different types of Artificial Intelligence have been introduced-

  • One of them is reactive intelligence in which there is no sense of memory or no memory is consumed. All that happens is that there is a stimulus that is provided to the product with the intelligence and the product reacts to the stimulus using the memory.
  • The second type of intelligence is the use of limited memory, in this type we can see similarities with the human brain. The machine makes use of memory and uses that memory to learn and enhance the responses that the machine gives. Most of this intelligence can be seen in robots that are in production these days.
  • The next type of intelligence is the theory of the mind in which the machine or the robot tries to mirror something with actual intelligence, such as humans themselves. The machine tries to understand the requirements of the other party and tries to formulate responses accordingly.
  • The last and most advanced form of artificial intelligence is self-awareness, where the machine is well aware of itself and its capabilities. In this type of intelligence, the machine begins exhibiting similarities with the human mind, which is both amazing and alarming at the same time. Up until now, this has been the highest degree of induced intelligence that has been observed.

What are some of the uses of Artificial Intelligence?

Many machines today make use of artificial intelligence and we don’t even realize that they are doing so. A very basic example is a smartphone, most smartphones come with a virtual assistant which helps you get most of your everyday tasks done such as setting your alarm and changing your music. What we do not realize is that it also uses some degree of AI as it recognizes our questions and comes up with possible solutions to them or simply responds to them.

Similarly, another type of technology that makes use of AI is the Internet of Things. This is when everyday appliances that are considered “smart” make use of AI to function properly. This includes vacuums that move around on their own and effectively clean the house, it includes air conditioners that make use of the internet and sense the environment in the room in order to adjust the temperature. The same principle is applied to refrigerators as well to keep food fresh and to make sure everything doesn’t freeze inside due to very less temperature.

Another industry in which AI is being greatly implemented is self-driving cars. A prime example would be Tesla and how they have skyrocketed their sales only because they made electric cars that were self-driving as well. The accuracy of the self-driving element is only because of artificial intelligence and the use of sensors that allow the car to drive itself. The cars have been tested many times only to ensure that yes, Tesla is very safe when it comes to using the self-driving factor.

Lastly, the most amazing yet problematic creation would be the creation of robots and giving them the self-aware level of artificial intelligence. While it could be seen as a breakthrough in technological science, it can also be seen as something problematic since the robots start developing thoughts of their own. There might be a chance they become aggressive and we have already seen a lot of movies portraying exactly that.

In conclusion

AI has been developing very rapidly and has been taking the world by storm. The future is very uncertain when it comes to AI because either this technology will help us prosper or it will be the cause of our downfall.

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