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It is necessary to upload content on regular basis to your website for better search engine optimization and for getting good traffic. But producing unique and interesting content daily is very difficult. Fortunately, AI rewriters are serving this purpose.

According to a survey, artificial intelligence is working in 37% of companies due to its capability and flexibility. It helps in taking decisions based on statistics and probability. Big organizations have now shifted to data-driven decisions which give more optimum results.

NLP is a branch of artificial intelligence that deals with the understanding of human languages in both written and spoken manner. In particular, it is used to make programs for machines to understand, analyze and interpret natural languages.

Rewriting is about changing, rearranging, summarizing, and cutting words, sentences, paragraphs, and phrases. AI and Natural language processing is helping rewriting tools to understand and rewrite the content in a new way without changing the contextual meaning.

How does AI & NLP work?

AI, NLP, and machine learning are hot topics in today’s technological world. These terms are often mixed up with each other and are usually used interchangeably. Artificial intelligence is the mother node of NLP and ML. It focuses on the problems faced by human beings and how machines can figure out these issues fast and accurately.

Where Natural language processing is a child node of AI which only deals with human languages and their sentimental values. On the other hand, machine learning is about teaching computers to work smartly and takes decisions single-handedly on statistical data and algorithms.

Role & working of AI/NLP in rewriting Tool

For removing plagiarism, rewriting paragraphs, and adding uniqueness to content, an Articlerewriter tool can be used. Online rewriting tools use solid principles of artificial intelligence and NLP to understand the tone of content and its value and then rewrite it in a completely new way with the least plagiarism. There are a few steps involved in rewriting content using NLP, as discussed below.

1. Understanding the syntax

The first step involved in rewriting content is understanding the words, phrases, grammar, and relationships between sentences. For a better understanding of content, there are a few methods used to classify the words and their meanings.


Tokenization is a process of categorizing words and sentences into small instances for a better understanding.


Lemmatization is about making the tokenized words shorter by taking care of their dictionary meaning.


Stemming means chopping off the words from the end without considering the disturbance in their contextual meaning for lowering the workload on the machine.

Stop Words Removal

Stop word removal is the elimination of words that are recurring repeatedly in the content with no syntactical value. For example, I, we, they, you, me, like, etc.

Understanding The Sentimental Value

Here comes the main role of NLP, understanding the sentimental value of words prior to rewriting them. In the first stage, NLP tries to understand the dictionary meaning of words. But in the second stage, it is necessary to perceive the sentimental meaning by combing the words together.

At first, NLP reads the content word by word and then reads it by combing the words to understand the emotions behind them. It helps in rewriting content with similar meaning as well as the same emotional manner.

Benefits of AI rewrites

  • It saves your precious time.
  • It reduces content production costs.
  • It makes the content more productive.
  • It improves your SEO score.


Is AI the future of writing?

Probably yes, because it has multiple benefits over manual content writing.

Is rewriting tools illegal?

No! AI rewriting tools are not illegal until they are used to produce quality content to fulfill the reader’s intent.

Do AI rewriting tools affect SEO scores?

No! rewriting tools does not damage your SEO score, anyhow plagiarism does affect it.

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