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10 Best Games like Corruption of Champions [2023]

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Games like Corruption of Champions are the reason for the sweet sleepless nights of many gamers. Though preferences tend to change over time, a few things like gaming always remain the same. Once a gamer, always a gamer.

In this article, we will discuss one of the best text-based and storyline-based games, Corruption of Champions, and its alternative games.

The Corruption of Champions video game has taken the website by storm and spawned a series of similar games. At the same time, many hardcore games fans even customize the same game pins, stickers, and other peripheral goods. They will not only collect various game peripherals commodities but also sell these peripheral goods to other fan users to make a profit. Click here to customize the personalized enamel pin online!

What is the Corruption of Champions?

games like corruption of champions

Corruption of Champions is one of the most popular flash games which runs in the browser. In this game, there will be a village with a champion chosen every year. You will have to follow some ancient rules and regulations while fighting demons and evil forces in order to save villagers.

Corruption of Champions is an erotic fantasy game and has some mature graphic content. It is always advised to play only if you are above 18 years old.

Why you should look for games like Corruption of Champions?

Making big waves of followers around the video gaming industry, the Corruption of Champions (CoC) is the star of the gaming galaxy. CoC is an old-school game that once started hardly anyone can put down. But, as you progress forward with achievements and unlocked levels you definitely want to explore amazing games like Corruption of Champions.

So, if you belong to the same category, we got you the list of the top 10 best games like Corruption of Champions.

Best Games like Corruption of Champions

1. Fall of Eden

games like corruption of champions - fall of eden

Fall of Eden is one of the best alternatives to Corruption of Champions (or games like Corruption of Champions).

With the focus on the supernatural theme comprising imps and demons, this game will catch your interest with a single try.

Fall of Eden is developed by the Alder games company. The game begins with the player researching an abandoned neighborhood place and accidentally discovering a magical gemstone, the gateway between earth and hell, filled with demons of Uru (villain character).

The players will have to seek protection from the goddess Aria and ultimately fight Uru and demons.

Fall of Eden offers many customizations for characters with cool skins and themes.

2. Flexible Survival

games like corruption of champions - Flexible Survival

If you are looking for games like corruption of champions then Flexible Survival can be a good choice for you.

Flexible survival’s storyline revolves around Doctor Matthew Salacious and his research into the strange transformations plaguing the city. Safely protected in his containment suit and guarded by the powerful dragon, Orthas, he labors away inside Trevor Labs.

Flexible Survival begins with the scene of the end of the world, where the virus outbreaks, and you, as the main player, need to keep yourself safe before the military reaches for recovery.

The game features various character and world customization options, slash-and-hack combat, amazing graphics, and many more features.

Flexible Survival can be played in the browser. It is also available for Android, Windows PC, and iOS.

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3. Torn

Torn is one of the best games like Corruption of Champions (CoC). With more than 2 million active players at any given time, Torn is probably most popular text-based game. not only one of the most popular text-based games but is probably one of the few examples of a massively multiplayer text-based online RPG.

Fans of Grand Theft Auto will likely take to this game. Torn gives players the option to do anything and go anywhere, given you have the necessary amount of funds. A moderate learning curve makes it available to just about any player and the gameplay is addictive. Torn is the perfect example of games that don’t need visuals to be exciting.

4. Free Cities

games like corruption of champions - Free Cities
If you have an orientation toward erotic fantasy games like Corruption of Champions then Free Cities should be your next game.
Similar to games like the corruption of champions, the Free Cities has an erotic fantasy world. However, Free Cities has a slavery management addition, and thus differs a lot from the Corruption of Champions.
The story revolves around a group of nine city-states grouped along the western coast of Essos. They trade and interact frequently with the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.
Although the player’s customizations are not available the boosters you receive after each achievement is quite amazing.

5. The Poor Whore

games like corruption of champions - The Poor Whore

The Poor Whore is one of the best text-based games like Corruption of Champions.

The game is a fantasy medieval whore simulator. Believe me, that’s true. The setup is you’re a whore of nebulous origins, broke, with just the rags on your back to your name. You travel to the town of Ovavulvaville in the hopes of getting hired at the local brothel. Your goal in life: to become the most famous whore in the land. You will do this by raising your reputation via two stats: Adoration and Infamy. The game offers many customization options and encounters sex in the form of the second person.

This game is compatible with the Windows operating system can be downloaded on the system and works from the first person.

6. Carnal Souls

games like corruption of champions - Carnal Souls

In the series of games like Corruption of Champions, our next game is Carnal Souls. It is an RPG-based open-world adventure video game that has a lot of erotic adventures in it.

If you are looking for games like Corruption of Champions then definitely you must be an adult. The fun about being an adult is that you can play adult and erotic games without any restrictions. For the people who loved the witcher series, this game’s combat mode will remind you of that. Even though it’s just a game, the exciting storyline keeps you hooked to it for a long.

Although Carnal Souls is a text-based storyline game you will see a lot of adult content too while playing this game.

In addition to an amazing storyline, this game also offers features like customizing your characters, scope to explore the virtual places in the game, go for treasure hunts, and uncover secret stories.

7. Kingdom of Loathing

games like corruption of champions - Kingdom of Loathing

The next item in our list of 10 best games like Corruption of Champions is Kingdom of Loathing, a browser-based multiplayer text-based role-playing game designed and operated by Asymmetric Publications. This game offers to make your team and also lets you chat with your team members.

While starting the game you will have to select the gender of your character and then choose the style from six classes Seal clubber, Sauceror, Turtle tamer, Disco Bandit, Accordion Thief, and a Pastamancer.

The player will have to battle and defeat the monsters to earn the rewards, experience points, gain skills, collect products and meat, and much more stuff.

8. Arcanum

games like corruption of champions - Arcanum

If you are looking for games like Corruption of Champions then Arcanum can be your next game for similar fun and adventure.

Arcanum has some similarities to Fallout too, in that you develop particular skills rather than leveling up in predefined character classes.

The setting of Arcanum is a clash between the ancient magical world and futuristic technology.

Gangster elves wage war against industrialist dwarves, bad fairies, and evil wizards with a host of other characters thrown in, Arcanum is a departure from typical sword and sorcery stories.

9. Trials in Tainted Space

games like corruption of champions - TITS

The next game in the list of games similar to Corruption of Champions is Trails in Tainted Space.

Trials in Tainted Space is a free online interactive text roleplaying hentai game where the plot involves the player researching new adventures, and having sex with others. It all begins with a ship that is left behind by a dying father.

With the acronym, this game is also known as TITS.

10. The Dreamhold

games like corruption of champions - The Dreamhold

The Dreamhold is the next game in the list of games like Corruption of Champions. It is a highly obscure game that is entirely text-based. While starting the game players are given the option to use the game’s built-in tutorial mode which is not that user-friendly either.

While newcomers might be taken aback by the large amounts of text and lack of visual cues veterans of the genre will find all aspects of this game familiar. The Dreamhold is a game that truly requires players to use their imaginations, which, many would argue, is the primary draw of games within the text fantasy genre.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found this list of text-based and adventurous lust games like Corruption of Champions useful in finding your next most suitable text-based storytelling game.

We have provided the appropriate link to purchase/download these games. If any of the links is not working you might have to Google it yourself. Please be cautious while visiting any link. Any damage will not be our liability.

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