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15 Best Sites like Losmovies for Free Streaming and Downloading Movies[2023]

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If you are a movie junkie, you must have used sites like Losmovies at least once. At least we all have earlier heard about the Losmovies platform to watch and download movies. Without any doubt, Losmovies is one of the best destinations for all movie lovers across the world.

However, due to many legal actions, it shuts down from time to time which is a big bummer in the quest for entertainment. If you have faced disappointment due to the outage of Losmovies then we got your back. We have prepared a list of 15 working sites like Losmovies where you may continue enjoying your favorite movies, television shows, drama, and music.

What is LosMovies and why it is so popular?

LosMovies is a large torrent provider engine that provides a large number of magnet links and torrent files for your favorite movies, TV shows, drama, and documentaries. All you have to do is search your quest or browse through the categories in this powerful torrent search engine and you would land at the exact magnetic link to download your content using P2P sharing technology.

sites like LosMovies

LosMovies is popular because of its enormous content ranging from the 1980s till date. Any new movie, TV show, or documentary that you would be able to get only after a subscription, you can get for free on LosMovies.

LosMovies torrent sites take advantage of peer-to-peer data sharing to facilitate file downloads. Peer-to-peer sharing transfers data from one device to another using a torrent platform as a third party.
The LosMovies torrent download features high-definition films, television programs, games, software, anime, and web series, among other things. Downloading and streaming films from Losmovies torrent is much quicker and less costly than subscribing to legitimate programs and services.

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Why was LosMovies shut down?

When we talk about movies, TV shows, anime streaming, and downloading sites like LosMovies, they usually get closed due to various reasons. One of the reasons is DMCA. Due to the Data Protection Act LosMovies faces legal actions and shut down from time to time and keeps popping up with similar domain names which is hard to find.

That is why we are going to discuss 15 sites like LosMovies that are available to keep your binge-watch continuous without any interruption.

15 Best Sites like Losmovies –

1. Lookmovie

sites like LosMovies - Lookmovie

Lookmovie is one of the best sites like Losmovies which provides a similar look and feel. The best quality of the Lookmovie site is that it has a strong filtering option that allows you to browse movies, and TV shows by category, rating, year, and genre. It is much easier to find what you are looking for.

In addition, with no pop-up advertising and fewer here and their advertisements on the site, you can easily browse the movies of your choice.

Lookmovie prominently displays the latest hot films, ensuring that you never miss out on the new releases. With little pop-up advertising, it’s easy to see why consumers choose Lookmovie as their video streaming service.

The enormous collection on Lookmovies includes web series, films, cartoons, anime, musical shows, and much more. With a lucid categorization, you can quickly find your favorite content on this LosMovies alternative site.

Visit Lookmovie

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sites like LosMovies - FMOVIES

FMOVIES, another one of the best sites like LosMovies, is a partner website of BMOVIES. This LosMovies alternative website provides high-definition movies, television shows, documentaries, and animes for you to watch in your spare time for free.

The design is so straightforward that even a child could effortlessly browse around the webpage and discover the film they’re looking for. Their robust search engine is the cherry on top that will help you locate your favorite film easily.

With Fmovies, you can watch movies online for free in high definition without being bothered by unnecessary advertisements.


3. Rainierland

sites like LosMovies - Rainierland

Rainierland is probably the simplest yet most popular Losmovies alternative website. The reason for such popularity is that Rainierland website admins keep updating its database with the newest releases, even while they are still in theatres.

Users may view the website and its videos without having to register. Additionally, users may create watchlists to keep track of their favorite films.

Additionally, this video streaming service provider offers flexibility for users to request movies if they are not already available on Rainierland. With these many features and flexibility, no doubt Rainierland is one of the best movie streaming sites like Losmovies.

Visit Rainierland

4. Yomovies

sites like LosMovies - Yomovies

Yomovies might look overwhelming at first glance because it features regional language movies on the landing page but you don’t worry there’s more to it than just that. Yomovies offers much more movies in various languages including Asian.

It’s a place where you can watch the newest HD Bollywood, and Hollywood films and series for free while lounging on the couch.

However, with Yomovies, like other free video streaming services, you can anticipate a barrage of pop-up advertisements before eventually seeing your favorite film, but it will all be worth it in the end.

Visit Yomovies

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5. Xmovies8

sites like LosMovies - Xmovies8

Xmovies8 is one of the best sites like Losmovies. You might mistakenly take Xmovies8 as an adult site based on its name but this website is one of the hottest alternatives to Losmovies and quite popular among movie junkies due to its full HD enormous content.

The best quality about Xmovies8 is that no registration is needed to fully access all the HD movies on the platform. Another thing that makes it great over the others is the removal of pop-up ads which significantly reduces the hassle users experience thus they choose to stick to using xmovies8.

The user interface of this website is very simple and a simple scroll down will bring you to the trending and latest movies. Integrated with a powerful search bar, you can find your favorite movies and start watching them in HD.

Visit Xmovies8

6. Solarmovie

sites like LosMovies - Solarmovies

Solarmovie is one of the leading free movie streaming sites as an alternative to Losmovies. You can also enjoy free streaming of Movies, television shows, and anime in Solarmovie without the need for registration.

The homepage might look plain but the website has its navigations and categories of content that is home to several HD movies with different genres and qualities. You can utilize its powerful search engine to search through its database of high-definition movies and series.

Also, you can select movies based on user ratings provided on this website which is easier if you don’t have any particular movie in mind.

You can freely enjoy your favorite movies via Solarmovie but patience is expected as an aggressive barrage of pop-up ads might come to you before finally seeing your favorite movie.

Visit Solarmovie

7. Popcornflix

sites like LosMovies - Popcornflix

Popcornflix sounds like Netflix, which is another Losmovies alternative on our list of best sites like Losmovies. As the name suggests this site is made for similar activities. Prepare your popcorn and get ready to binge-watch your favorite movies because Popcornflix has an extensive library of films and television series covering almost any subject imaginable.

The webpage is so intuitive to use and it is very easy to find the content that you are looking for. A selection of the greatest films is pre-selected for you depending on the genre category you’re exploring, reducing your work searching for the greatest ones.

The most pleasing element of the streaming service that sets it apart from the competition is its minimum commercial prompting, making your experience much more accessible and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, some people can’t access Popcornflix since it’s only available in the USA and Canada. Alternatively, you can use VPN to access this website.

Visit Popcornflix

8. AZmovies

sites like Losmovies - AZmovies

With a creative name, that indicates all movies you can think of from A to Z, AZmovies surely has an enormous library of movies, shows, and various other videos.

Azmovies owners keep updating its website content regularly and you can keep up with what is the latest in all the hottest streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and iTunes.

You can navigate through the best and trending movies with the carousel of featured movies. Credit goes to the fine-tuned categorization of content on this website. Furthermore, with their powerful and simple movie search, you can easily search and start watching or downloading your favorite content.

Visit AZmovies


sites like Losmovies - Lunchflix

Lunchfix, one of the best sites like Losmovies, is also one of the most recently released video streaming platforms. It was started in 2021 and is one of the most popular alternatives to Losmovies.

Its name is similar to Popcornflix and allows you to view your favorite movies and series at any time you like.

The site has a neat and minimalist design that highlights newly uploaded films, current theatrical releases, and movie series collections. Categorization of content based on the release date and genre like sci-fi, horror, comedy, etc makes it very easy to find the best movie to watch or download.

Another good feature that attracts so many users to Lunchfix is the absence of intrusive pop-up advertisements, which considerably improves the convenience of any user looking to watch a movie during their lunch break.

Visit Lunchflix

10. GOmovies

sites like Losmovies - GOmovies

GOmovies is the next website on the list of best sites like Losmovies. Gomovies offers a wide range of movies and series you can choose from to enjoy. You can sort and search the movies based on genre, country, and even release dates.

The homepage gives you a complete feel for what you’re looking for, from the most-watched movies or TV series to the latest TV series and movies added to their servers.

The best quality that makes it above the other Losmovies alternatives is that it offers an IMDB rating and synopsis as soon you hover over any movie or series. This would make it easier for you to fully review the movie just by hovering your mouse rather than opening it in another tab.

Visit GOmovies

11. 123movies

sites like Losmovies 123movies

123movies is one of the best alternatives to Losmovies. It is a free video streaming site that is home to a wide library of movies, series, anime, and documentaries that you can check.

The homepage gives you the freedom to choose, sort, and search thousands of movies and series across over a hundred countries. You can also sort out the movies based on your favorite genre and watch them online or even download them. You can choose content based on IMDB rating as well.

Visit 123Movies

12. Primewire

sites like Losmovies - Primewire

Primewire is a minimalistic, lucid, sleek, and user-friendly site to watch and download movies. Similar to Losmovies, this website offers a light homepage with a clear categorization of content and a powerful search engine that lands you at the right show, movie, or series you want to watch.

At the top of the site, there are plenty of categories and genres you can choose from to explore. Ranging from community, movies, TV series, Top Watched, and show release dates.

Primewire offer free as well as premium subscription services. The setback is that it does have a lot of advertisements for the free versions, so that’s something you have to take into consideration.

Visit Primewire

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13. Einthusan

sites like Losmovies - Einthusan

Einthusan is the leading hub for South Asian movies. If you are an Indian movie fan then this can be a site worth a visit because it is home to 4000 plus movies and television shows from India. The best quality about Einthusan is that they keep updating their content and add newly released movies and shows on a regular basis.

The homepage showcases options for different languages and cultures of your liking where you could start choosing, from Tamil to Punjabi

Once inside your chosen language, you will be then redirected to a simply designed page where you can search and sort out your desired movie or series with buttons and dropdowns.

Einthusan offers free as well as premium services with the Ultimate Movie Experience and a nominal cost of $25 (may vary).

Visit Einthusan

14. Sockshare

sites like Losmovies - sockshare

Sockshare, one of the best Losmovies alternatives, is a streaming service that has been operating since 2012.

What’s impressive about Sockshare is that they don’t host any movies; instead, they share the best possible links, protecting them from any unlawful activity. Usually, the links provided are good enough to stream or download the desired content. The advantage of the site is that it gives many links, which means that another will always be available if one link is broken.

However, you may face some redirecting advertisements and popups before eventually landing on the right content and playing them.

Visit Sockshare

15. MoviesJoy

sites like Losmovies - Moviesjoy

The next website in our list of best sites like Losmovies is MoviesJoy. MoviesJoy, an alternative to Losmovies, has an extensive collection of Hollywood films, series, and anime, enough to keep you occupied for years.

The best quality about this site is that the administrators keep updating their database to make it aligned and up to date with the newest programs.

The site contains promotional banners and pop-up advertisements. They are, however, far less than on other free streaming services alternatives to Losmovies.

Visit MoviesJoy


You must visit these websites at your own risk as they may contain malicious ads. Also, you must use VPN before vising these sites to hide your identity.

FAQs related to Losmovies alternatives

Is online movie streaming considered illegal?

It depends. Most of the movie streaming companies resorted to piracy to get content into their servers; most movie streaming sites now import links from third-party services to protect and distribute the movies and videos on their site.

What is a safe way to download or stream movies?

You must use VPN services to hide your identity and safety while streaming or downloading movies and shows. Additionally, certain websites offer television series and films from the United States and the United Kingdom users only. Those also can be accessed using VPN.

How to access geo-blocked movie streaming websites?

Using VPN.

Should I Use LosMovies to Stream Online Movies?

It becomes evident that LosMovies hosts spyware and is harmful to your system. Furthermore, because streaming movies is illegal in many countries, domains are routinely transferred.
If you choose to use it, you should exercise caution and avoid clicking on any link or pop-up advertisement that appears in a window or tab that opens when you visit a website.

Is there a mobile application available to access Losmovies?

Unfortunately, there is no official Losmovies app available.  But you can certainly use modded versions of apps that offer similar services like Losmovies and you can stream movies and shows over there. While we do not suggest installing a false LosMovies app on your smartphone, these third-party applications may include malware or viruses, posing a security risk to your device and saved data.

Final Thoughts

Losmovie’s trust issues and legal troubles may have raised concerns among individuals who depend on the internet for free movies and pleasure. But there are several video streaming options available online. You can refer to any of the streaming service sites like Losmovies mentioned in this article to watch and download movies without a cost. However, you should be careful and visit these sites only at your own risk.

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