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How to earn online commission by Flipkart Affiliate Program?

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“Flipkart Affiliate program”. Flipkart is well known for online shopping. However, very few people know that they can earn a handsome amount from the same Flipkart using Flipkart Affiliate registration and Flipkart Affiliate marketing. Let’s see how.

This article will help you get familiar with Flipkart Affiliate Program, Flipkart Affiliate Commission rate and much more. You will also learn how to make best use of this program to earn thousands per month from home. Let’s understand Affiliate Marketing first.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

We can divide Affiliate Marketing into 3 major components to understand it in better way.

  1. Merchant (Flipkart) – Owner of the program who pays you.
  2. Publisher (You) – Flipkart Associate, Beneficiary of this program who earns commission. Also known as Affiliate.
  3. Customer – Actual Buyer. You need to lure them to use your link. Buying the same product is not necessary.

Publisher also known as Affiliate or Associate, uses his online platforms like Blog or Website to redirect his audience to Merchant’s website. i.e. Flipkart. In return, Merchant gives a part of sales to Affiliate as Commission.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing, just like Flipkart Affiliate Marketing can be a very good source of online income from home. You can read here, How to earn using Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

For better results Affiliates or publisher must have their own online portal or blog. If affiliate doesn’t have such platform, nothing to worry about. They can use social network as well for the Flipkart Affiliate Program.

What is Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Like other Affiliate Marketings, This program rewards a particular sum to Affiliates for all the sales opportunities generated because of visitor redirection from Affiliate’s website or blog to Flipkart.

Unlike many other Affiliate Programs, Flipkart offers handsome sum as a commission in return of sales opportunities.

If you are wondering if it might cost you a fortune to join this, so answer is NO. This is entirely free. Only a small effort is required and you are ready to do Affiliate Marketing. 

What is eligibility for Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Anyone can register for Flipkart Affiliate program. Interested person should have a website or blog platform to publish the Affiliate Links.  He/She should be familiar with basics of Marketing to get the optimum leverage. Flipkart doesn’t require any special skill or proof of any kind of specialty to join the program.

What if you don’t have a blog or website? No need to worry about. Unlike Amazon, Flipkart is very lenient in this matter. You can share your affiliate link on social media platforms or even in emails to as many audience as possible. We will discuss how to use social media to get the best commission out of Flipkart Affiliate program.

How to get Registered with Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Flipkart Affiliate program can be joined using this link. Navigate to this link and click “Join for Free” option.

Flipkart Affiliate Registration

Registration requires information like name, email, payments related information. You might need to confirm the registration by clicking on confirmation link sent to your registered email address. This is very easy part of the process.

Unlike Amazon, Flipkart doesn’t require very strict verification for the content of the website or blog. Read more about Amazon Affiliate Program here. So one must not worry about very good blog or rich content of the website. Major focus of Flipkart is generating sales and distributing commissions and not on the process, how it is generating sales. 

Once registration process is complete, you can use Flipkart’s pre designed varieties of Affiliate Tools. Once registration is complete, you can see the list of tools available for selection on Flipkart website.

Update: Is Flipkart Affiliate Program Closed?

“We have currently paused new affiliate registrations w.e.f. 5th May 2018 until further notice while we work on developments and improvements to the FAP(Flipkart Affiliate Program) platform,” this is what mentioned on Flipkart Affiliate site.

Currently Flipkart is working on improvements of their Affiliate program and not accepting any new registrations. As of now, there is no update from Flipkart on expected start time on new registration for Affiliate program.

Considering the current boost in e-commerce and revenge shopping after COVID-19 lock down, e-commerce platforms are reducing their affiliate rates. However, we can expect Flipkart, a part of big plater Walmart, to resume their Affiliate Affiliate program registration soon.

Flipkart Affiliate Tools

Flipkart provides very good looking widgets for product listing or publishing. I prefer using search tool for general places like home page while specific product widgets on related article or blogs. See few examples. 

Flipkart Affiliate Banner

Flipkart Affiliate Product Banner

Flipkart Affiliate Search Widget

Search Widget

How much can be earned online using Flipkart Affiliate Program?

Like other Affiliate Programs, commission rates  for Flipkart Affiliate program, differ from one product category to other. Latest Commission Rates as of May 2020 is as below.

Flipkart Affiliate Commission Rates

Check the latest updated Flipkart Affiliate Commission rates here.

How to earn online maximum commission from Flipkart Affiliate program?

Getting registered with Flipkart Affiliate program is very easy but how much you are able to earn online with Flipkart Affiliate Program depends on what you do after that. This part require a bit effort but it is not a rocket science. You can follow few guidelines to easily make very good commission.

1- Choosing Niche

Do not select product just because it has higher commission return but select a product which is compatible with your website or blog flavor. You can get higher number of sales by targeting quality audience rather than targeting higher commission rates with bored audience.

2- Price rich product selection

Guru mantra of sales conversion is providing value to customer. Try to select those products which is costlier in the market but cheaper on flipkart. You can lookout for products in Sales or under limited time deal.

3- Social distribution of Affiliate Link

Flipkart gives freedom to distribute Affiliate Link to social media. Take best advantage of this freedom. Try to browse social media groups where people discuss about products or post product related queries before buying. You can respond them with your affiliate link. This process increases chances of conversion.

4- Clever use of twitter

This method will leverage those who does Affiliate Marketing using only social media. Twitter has a special search feature, called Advanced Search. Click here to access twitter advanced Search and put some generic question which you would ask someone to buy the exact same product. 

For example, I am targeting a phone under 10000. I would tell someone, “I want to buy best phone under 10000.” or “Which is the best phone to buy under 10000”. See the complete game below.

Twitter for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Now get amazed to see the result. See who is ready to buy your product 🙂

Politely as a suggestion gesture, Shoot the Affiliate link. Elaborate why this product is best in the market. Keep doing it for as many times as possible. Avoid spamming.

Twitter response for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

5- Quora

Quora is a platform where users ask questions on any topic and get replies with quality answers. Flipkart affiliate link can be used to target questions related to product you advertise as Affiliate. For Ex. “What are best power banks under 800. ” 

Like twitter, Quora also have feature to search relevant questions. Other way is search your lure question on Google and append “Quora” at the end.

Quora for Flipkart Affiliate Marketing

Congratulations, you got yourself half a million lead links to share your Flipkart Affiliate link.

Now you would definitely ask this question..

Is Flipkart Affiliate Program really that good?

Answer to your question would be, Yes it is descent but not best in the market. Let’s see pros and cons of Flipkart Affiliate Program.


  1. Flipkart is one of the biggest E-commerce giant in India with market share from 30% to 40% as per sources. Flipkart becomes an easy option for Affiliates to earn more money because of high market share.
  2. Easiest to get Registered as Flipkart Affiliate compared to other Affiliate Programs.
  3. No hard and fast required conditions like Amazon (Need to bring 3 deals in 180 days) to remain in the game.
  4. Unlike Amazon, Flipkart allows to share Affiliate links on social networks, emails etc. This is win win situation for both Affiliate as well as Merchant.


  1. Flipkart provides leniency to the Affiliates but at the cost of transparency. Unlike Amazon Affiliate Program, there is no clear structure to get the actual click counts.
  2. Low commissions as compared to other competitors, like Amazon India.
  3. Flipkart Affiliate Program doesn’t have Customer Support up to the mark. There is no incident or ticket numbers for the posted queries and sometimes users wait for months to get contacted by Customer Support.
  4. Flipkarts puts caps on earnings. If some website or blog start out performing, Flipkart puts monthly caps, like 7500. This is major drawback of Flipkart Affiliate Program. Giant Affiliates suffer because they can’t earn more that 7500 per month because of the earning cap.

Let’s compare Flipkart Affiliate program with Amazon Affiliate program and Google AdSense.

Affiliate Programs Comparison


What is conclusion?

Flipkart Affiliate Program can be concluded as good but not best in the market. Amazon Affiliate Program can give more return with some extra  constructive effort. Read more about Amazon Affiliate Program here.

There are plenty of other Affiliate Programs which can be alternative or can go along with Flipkart Affiliate Program altogether. Best possible way to earn online is keep the good combination of Affiliate Programs and other advertisement programs with caution to avoid any conflict with Merchant. Happy earning.

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