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Top 7 ReactJS UI Framework in 2023

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The frontend development library that professionals commonly use in 2022 is mostly ReactJS. This creates a high demand for React web app development companies as well. Based on a recent Stackoverflow study, ReactJS is by far the most popular library among devs, trailed by other popular frameworks including jQuery, Angular, or Vue.js.

ReactJS and UI Development

The popularity of ReactJS can be simply explained. The capacity for applications to respond fast and user-friendliness were both taken into consideration when designing the library. When combined, these qualities enable us to design UIs that are very immersive in a relatively short period.

Additionally, ReactJS is recognized for being inclusive. The library is quite big because of its prominence. Due to its open-source status, ReactJS has continuously gained new APIs and frameworks, which also boosts its usefulness. In this article, we’ll discuss the top seven UI frameworks for ReactJS. Based on the number of votes they received on Github, these UI frameworks are ranked and selected.

What are UI Frameworks?

To put it simply, an User Interface framework is a collection of APIs that let us create UIs for our applications. UI development is the primary emphasis of application development. As a result, it’s essential to have a wide variety of frameworks within front-end libraries. ReactJS allows us to freely create distinctive UIs dedicated to ReactJS apps because it is compatible with many different UI frameworks.

On a more fundamental level, however, we will discuss the best UI frameworks specific to ReactJS. Here, I decided to rank the frameworks based on which the GitHub users voted for the most. The UI frameworks we explore in this blog will therefore be those that frontend devs use and value the most. In terms of adaptability and utility, these frameworks perform better than other UI frameworks.

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Why go for UI Frameworks?

The user interface is at the heart of an app’s front end. Apps are utilized for a variety of purposes today. They usually contain a lot of distinct elements as a result, making them intricate. The use of ReactJS’s reusable components makes the process much simpler. Anyone in the world may design a component once, and developers are free to pick a certain component within the UI from any location in the world. Time and money are saved as a result. Since UI frameworks are collections of components, building UIs is much simpler. By simply inserting the necessary components into our code, we can entirely construct our user interfaces. Additionally, we have exceptional optimization abilities.

Top 7 ReactJS UI Frameworks in 2022

Ant UI

The Ant Design UI framework for ReactJS is a popular tool for developing paid applications. Having 81.5 K GitHub votes, it is now the most well-liked UI framework for ReactJS. Although Ant Design now has more GitHub votes than MUI, MUI is still unquestionably the most widely used UI framework. Ant design uses less.js to design its elements, which provides us some freedom to customize the UI. Akin to MUI, Ant Design provides a wide range of preconfigured components and templates that make it much easier for us to swiftly construct complex and dynamic UIs.

Material UI

Material UI, sometimes known as MUI, is one of the most popular UI frameworks for ReactJS. It enjoys 80.5 K GitHub votes as of right now. The fact that MUI offers necessary components for UI design is one of the reasons it is so well-liked. The main components of MUI are Material UI, Joy UI, Material Base, and MUI System. While Joy UI contains several pre-styled components, Material Basis has unstyled basis components for easy customization. The Material System supports a wide range of CSS utilities and allows for quick bespoke designs.

Due to the fact that MUI is built on Google’s Material Design, it is one of the most sophisticated UI design frameworks for ReactJS. It is easy to design advanced UIs with preconfigured styles and color schemes.

React Storybook

Since its original release in 2016 alongside React Storybook, the framework has grown fairly popular. Storybook currently has 73.4 k votes on GitHub. React Storybook is based on a unique idea. Unlike the other items in this category, this serves as a UI development environment as opposed to a UI framework.
An empty canvas is provided by React Storybook for UI design. It provides us with a closed environment where we may design special parts that work independently of other environment components. This makes room for experimentation and innovation. Because of this functionality alone, Storybook’s popularity across ReactJS frameworks has never been higher. Differentiating components ramps up development and raises the standard of the code. This may not be the framework for you if you’re looking for a way to retrieve quick, prebuilt programs. However, Story is more user-friendly for beginners because it permits trial and training with individual components.

Semantic UI

In React Semantic UI, contemporary UI elements with great responsiveness are typical. With GitHub voting as many as 50,000, Semantic UI is routinely placed in the leading 5 ReactJS UI frameworks for a while now. Given its developer-friendly HTML designs, Semantic React UI is quite well-liked.

The prebuilt layouts of Semantic UI are made in HTML and primarily use its semantic design. For instance, the Semantic UI framework’s CSS classes each serve a specific function. Developers will find it much easier to use this framework because it treats classes and keywords as being interchangeable. Classes in Semantic UI that logically link syntax to concepts utilizing nouns and other aspects of natural language make this possible. There are many expressions from everyday speech.

Chakra UI

A versatile UI framework for ReactJS called Chakra UI was developed specifically to interact with React projects for the web and mobile devices. The framework currently has over 28.2 k votes on Github and is well-received for its utility components. For instance, Chakra UI features an integrated component that allows any React application UIs to possess bright mode and dark mode displays, a feature that is currently highly well-liked by consumers.

One of the principal factors Chakra UI has become so well-known is because of this functionality, which has proven essential for apps. Overall, the framework is highly flexible and inclusive.

React Redux

React Redux, a straightforward UI framework is renowned for its consistency. The framework provides a straightforward user interface that allows you to input values for components, and then those changes will take effect immediately globally. The UI framework has gained more than 22K votes on Github as a result of its improved usability and simplified design. Additionally, React Redux is well known for having excellent debugging features. The integrated DevTools system in Redux provides error alerts and automatically monitors modifications to the state of your application. Additionally, it performs automated performance optimization, enhancing the responsiveness of your React projects.

React Bootstrap

React Bootstrap is simply a UI framework that combines React and Bootstrap, as the name suggests. With almost 21 K votes on GitHub, it is one of the most popular ReactJS CSS-based UI frameworks. React Bootstrap combines Bootstrap core interoperability with React ecosystem compatibility, making it one of the most potent UI frameworks for ReactJS. Developers can alter the UI of their React apps using any of the tens of thousands of Bootstrap themes as long as React Bootstrap itself has Bootstrap core.


You may utilize ReactJS UI frameworks, which are collections of components and hooks, to add a wide variety of components to your React projects without having to create the scripts for each one individually. This allows us to produce app MVPs much faster, which gives us more time for customization. The components of UI frameworks are prebuilt and, depending on the particular framework we use, can be changed to varying degrees. ReactJS offers hundreds of UI frameworks, so picking the ideal one for your app might be difficult.

This blog suggests that there isn’t a leading UI framework for ReactJS.Each framework has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, MUI might be a reliable and flexible framework, but beginners may find it difficult to utilize. Semantic UI, on the other hand, is a very user-friendly interface for beginners because of its clear design and comprehensive documentation. For diverse requirements, several UI frameworks have different collections of components. For example, Ant Design is better suited for internet apps while Chakra UI is more frequently used for mobile applications. As a front-end developer, it could be a smart idea for you to weigh your options and select the ideal framework for the React project of your requirements.

Here, we looked at the leading 7 ReactJS user interface frameworks as determined by GitHub votes. GitHub votes provide us a perspective of which frameworks coders are most likely to use, even though they do not ensure that a framework is suitable for your project.

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