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Amazon Affiliate program India: Easy way to earn online more than Google AdSense

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There are plenty of sources to create an online income. Amazon Affiliate program India is not just one of them but it has the potential to generate more revenue than any other source. Read till the end of this post to know how Affiliate Marketing with Amazon can be so rewarding with no cost at all.

What is Amazon Affiliate Marketing?

It is a type of marketing where Affiliates like you get rewarded by Merchant(Amazon), based on product sales directed from your website or blog. Affiliate Marketing has 3 components.

  1. Merchant – Amazon, Flipkart, etc.
  2. Affiliates – Entity who published the content to connect buyer and Merchant.
  3. Consumer – Actual

Why choose Amazon Affiliate Program India?

Amazon Affiliate Program, commonly known as the Amazon Associate program is the easiest way to earn online a handsome sum with little effort. Don’t forget about the huge Amazon user base.

Wait, this is not just it, best part of the Amazon Associate program is, If you are able to redirect users to Amazon via your Affiliate Link, you will get rewarded not just for the product but for the whole cart. 

Yes, you heard it right. Even if they DON’T buy the product they originally clicked on, you still get a commission on their whole shopping cart, given cookie is still active. Usually, cookies remain active for 24 hours. Once you redirect the user to Amazon, you have 24 hours window to get the user to purchase anything from Amazon. 

Attractive commission rates:

Choosing a niche as the target is also important as commission rates vary in different category products. For example, Amazon doesn’t offer any commission for Apple’s all iPhones. You should always keep a close eye on Amazon listed commission rates to earn online using Amazon Affiliate Program. After all, this is the least pain when there is so much to gain.


Let’s say there are on average 500 visitors and conversion rate is 1%, i.e. 1 out of 100 visitors tends to buy. You can derive 5 sales a day. Let’s consider a best case scenario. Assume user buys an Amazon Kindle reader worth ₹ 12000. Since commission rate is 10% for Kindle devices, earning will be ₹1200. Even if you manage to get 1 out of 5 buyers to buy such stuff, you are likely to earn 50-60k INR a month. It is likely to be much more because buyer has a lot of other items as well in the cart 🙂 

What are the requirements to be an amazon affiliate?

Can anyone participate in Amazon Affiliate program? The answer is Yes. One should have a platform like a Blog or a website or Mobile Application or even a social media account and that’s it. It is very easy to register for the Amazon affiliate program. We will discuss it next.

You can always post your Affiliate link on social media but there are a lot of restrictions from Amazon on sharing Affiliate links on Social media. Like it shouldn’t look like spam, it should adhere to Amazon Affiliate program rules.

There is an alternate option for Social Media enthusiasts. Amazon offers an Amazon Influencers program where you can recommend products on Social Media platforms and get rewarded. That’s a similar kind but separate topic. We will discuss the Amazon Influencers program in another blogs.

how to register for Amazon Affiliate Program?

The hardest part is getting ready to do something. Here Comes the Simplest part. Register to the program via this link.  Even if there is no content, make sure at least basic setups are done at your website/blog. Amazon representative personally visits the website before approving the Affiliate request. Registration requires 4 steps.

Step 1: Account Information

Account information requires basic details to be filled in like the Name, Address of the person who the would-be beneficiary of the Affiliate Program commission.


Step 2: Web Application Listing

Affiliate must list all the web links or mobile links in this option where Amazon Affiliate content would be published.

Step 3: Profile

After listing desktop and mobile applications Affiliate must provide all the profile details and simply click next.

Step 4: Done

Finally, in step 4, Affiliate registration is complete. Please note that it is not necessary to provide all the details like payments bank account details at the time of registration. User can anytime provide these details. Payment details related changes will be effective from 1st of next month.

Once registration is complete, you can login to your  or account in case you are targeting U.S. audience and get the Amazon Associate, aka Amazon Affiliate, short link as shown in below screenshot.

Getting Amazon Affiliate Link

Keep this url private and safe with you. Private because Amazon, strictly prohibits use of Affiliate url other that intended Web App/blog. A certain example could be, Amazon banned the Affiliate because of using Affiliate link in eBooks. We will discuss about it in next few lines.  

How to use Amazon Affiliate link in your Blog or Mobile Application?

Using Amazon Affiliate Link is even simpler. Search for Amazon product that is related to your niche or blogs content. Select any of the 3 types of links:

Text link

Image link

Text + Image link

Amazon Affiliate link generation

Link created with this method can be used directly in text editor of WordPress blog or can be put as iframe inside html of web pages. Keeping Amazon Affiliate adherence in mind, Text link can be used on social media.

Is Amazon Affiliate Program India better than Flipkart Affiliate and Google AdSense?

There are always some pros and cons of each program. Affiliates can compare these 3 commonly used programs and decide which one suits their current situation. Although it is not a good practice, but they can go for 2 or more programs.  Check the fair comparison below for the 3 programs.
Amazon Affiliate vs Flipkart Affiliate vs Google AdSense

Want more information on Flipkart Affiliate Program? You can real all about Flipkart Affiliate Program here.

Now that the Amazon Affiliate URL is received, there are a few measures to keep golden gose healthy and avoid getting banned.

    • Affiliate must drive at least 3 purchases within 180 days otherwise Amazon might terminate the affiliation.
    • As a responsible Affiliate, you must not share Affiliate links via email or social networking sites without Amazon Affiliate program guidelines. Keep yourself updated with the latest updates on Amazon’s Affiliate FAQs.
    • It is not advisable at all to use your own affiliate link to purchase and earn a commission. Amazon is very strict about such practices.
    • Last but not the least, wherever you are using an Affiliate link, mention that you are Amazon Affiliate. There is a strict disclaimer statement template. Check at the end of this article.

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