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20 Best App Review Websites to Submit Your App

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App review websites are important sources to attain exposure for new apps. They also help users who are looking for apps to get genuine apps. These sites show the pros and cons of the apps and users can decide if the app is useful enough to download or purchase.

With millions of apps available across various platforms, developers are constantly looking for ways to gain visibility and recognition for their creations. One of the most effective methods is to have their apps reviewed by reputable websites (App Review Websites) that specialize in app reviews.

Here we will discuss the top 20 App Review sites that will help app developers showcase their apps and leverage the advantage of massive visitors on these websites.

20 Best App Review Websites to Showcase Your App

1. AppSpy

AppSpy is one of the best app review websites. This website primarily focuses on mobile gaming app reviews. It offers video reviews, gameplay footage, and news updates related to the gaming industry, making it a go-to platform for gamers and developers.

If you are a mobile game developer and looking for relevant app review sites then you should definitely consider publishing your app to this site.

Domain Authority – 55

Monthly Traffic – 30k-40k

Contact AppSpy

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2. BetaList

BetaList is one of the best platforms to submit your app as a startup for review and get featured on their awesome platform.

App submission is very easy on BetaLife. You will have to register first and then provide all details related to your app including, the logo, feature graphic images, description, and title of the app.
BetaList offers 3 packages for app submission, free, $50, and $90. You may choose based on your requirement and budget.

Domain Authority – 60

Monthly traffic – 20K

Contact BetaList

3. appPicker

AppPicker offers app reviews, recommendations, and app-related news across various platforms. This website categorizes apps by genre, making it easier for users to discover new apps based on their interests along with the pros and cons of the apps based on real-time use.

If you are an independent app developer then it is not easier to get featured on top app review websites. But it is possible because of the appPicker website and all thanks to their admins.

Admins of this website always try to make this platform the best place as an app segregator as well as an honest review publisher. They also claim that 50% of the visitors are from the USA.

Domain Authority – 55

Monthly Traffic – 200K

Contact appPicker

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4. AppAdvice

The next app review website in this compilation is AppAdvice. AppAdvice is useful for those users who are looking for reviews of iOS apps.

Similarly, this website can be very useful if you are an iOS app developer and looking for sites to publish your apps for review.

Additionally, this app review website also offers valuable sections such as app charts, weekly app recommendations, best apps, best games, and other highlights.

Domain Authority – 85

Monthly Traffic – 1.4M

Contact AppAdvice

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5. 148Apps

148Apps specializes in app reviews, covering both iOS and Android platforms. The app review website also features app-related news, interviews, and editorials, providing a holistic approach to app reviews.

If you are an app developer then you may follow the app advertising or publishing guidelines and get features.

Domain Authority – 78

Monthly traffic – 80K

Contact 148Apps

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6. TechCrunch

TechCrunch is a renowned technology news website that occasionally features app reviews. The primary aim of this platform is tech awareness. This website is a top read for all tech enthusiasts including those who are looking for the best app in a particular segment.

If you are an app developer then advertising your app on TechCrunch can be a strategic move to attract a larger user base for your app. Having your app reviewed on TechCrunch can provide significant advantages for your app business.

Domain Authority – 93

Monthly traffic – 8.5M

Contact TechCrunch

7. Android Authority

As the name suggests, Android Authority, one of the best app review websites, specializes in Android app reviews. This website has 16M plus monthly quality visitors who are looking for Android apps, related news, and reviews.

With a vast community of Android enthusiasts, getting your app featured here can significantly increase its visibility in the Android ecosystem.

Domain Authority – 90

Monthly traffic – 16M

Contact Android Authority

8. GetApp

GetApp is another app review website that is specialized in reviewing apps and software for the last 10 years. With 1.8M+ monthly visitors, you can imagine how popular this website is among tech enthusiasts.

You can easily find app reviews using the search feature. Considering all these qualities it is recommended to publish your app for review on this website. This will help to boost your app downloads as well as popularity.

Domain Authority – 61

Monthly traffic – 1.8M

Contact GetApp

9. MacWorld

Macworld primarily covers Apple-related products, including apps. If you have an app designed specifically for macOS or iOS, submitting it for review on Macworld can help you tap into the Apple user base.

However, please note that MacWorld is a renowned platform for mac related news and updates so getting accepted for review is a bit difficult.

Domain Authority – 89

Monthly traffic – 8.8M

Contact Macworld

10. Product Hunt

Product Hunt is another one of the best app review websites which surfaces the coolest new products from across the globe, every day.

With 1.7M+ monthly users, it’s a place for product-loving enthusiasts to land here and get tech knowledge along with the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

Domain Authority – 90

Monthly traffic – 1.6M

Contact Product Hunt

11. Killer Startups

KillerStartup is an entrepreneurial platform for global exposure. It offers an opportunity for startups to showcase their mobile apps to a vast audience.

Being featured on this platform presents a significant advantage as it can potentially connect your app with thousands of potential customers on a regular basis.

Notably, established successful companies like Plum and 60k plus more companies have already leveraged the benefits of KillerStartups by listing their mobile apps.

So, if your app is ready, seize the opportunity, complete the form, and who knows, your app could be the next featured sensation on KillerStartups.

Domain Authority – 55

Monthly traffic – 30K

Contact KillerStartups

12. The StartUp Pitch

The StartupPitch is a relatively newer app review website but the best quality is that it is spam free. This website invites startups to submit either beta or full version applications with nominal charges starting from 5 GBP.

The user interface is neat and very easy to navigate through the options. You can go to their home page and click on Submit a StartUp which displays two options, Submit a startup pitch and submit a beta startup pitch.

Domain Authority – 40

Monthly traffic – 10K

Contact The Startup Pitch

13. AndroidGuys

AndroidGuys is a popular website for android related content, rumors, updates, and most important app reviews. If you are a new mobile app developer and looking for a review of your app to gain an organic boost then you may contact AndroidGuys.

AndroifGuys owners accept only genuine and interesting apps which might be useful for their audience. This makes this platform more spam free and genuine.

Domain Authority – 80

Monthly traffic – 50K+

Contact AndroidGuys

14. Trustpilot

Trustpilot is open to all review websites. This website is popular for all kinds of reviews including startups, websites, and apps. Trustpilot has 4 million + reviews and 500K + businesses are registered and leveraging the benefit of the popularity of this platform.

You may provide a link to Trustpilot so that users can go and write reviews about your app. Positive reviews will definitely help boost your app’s popularity as well as downloads.

Domain Authority – 92

Monthly traffic – 15M+

Contact Trustpilot

15. Digital Trends

Digital Trends provides reviews and recommendations for apps across various platforms. Their comprehensive coverage and detailed analysis make it a valuable platform for developers and users.

You may consider connecting with Digital Trends to get your app reviewed which will help in initial user installs and rank gain.

Domain Authority – 92

Monthly traffic – 25M+

Contact Digital Trends

16. AppRank Pro

AppRank Pro is another site on our list of app review sites. This website offers to create campaigns based on the volume brackets. Let’s say you want 50 Reviews for your Android app then you may consider purchasing the $35 Campaign package.

AppRank Pro assures real devices, real users, and unique IP addresses so that reviews are not discarded by Apple or Google. They also assure that if a review is deleted then it will be overwritten by another review.

I haven’t personally used this website so can’t assure of authenticity. So you can check and take decisions based on any findings.

Domain Authority – New

Monthly traffic – New

17. FriendlyHelp

FriendlyHelp is one of the best app reviews and installs website that is suitable for beginners to get the kick start.

The concept is very simple and follows the laws of equilibrium. You will have to install and review other submitted apps and gain points. You can use that point to get installs and reviews.

The best quality of FriendlyHelp is that users keep the installed apps for at least 72 hours which helps the app rank gain.

Domain Authority – Unknown

Monthly Traffic – New


18. Apps400

Apps400 is another app review segregator with good authority on this subject. They offer a lot of tech articles, reviews, and much more interesting content in neat UI.
If you are looking for a free app review then you may consider connecting with these guys through a contact form and providing all the app-related details.

One interesting thing is that they request you to like their Facebook and Twitter pages first and share the screenshot. But hey we all are growing together and this is the least we can do for these guys. You may plan accordingly.

Domain Authority – 35

Monthly Traffic – 1000

Contact Apps400

19. AndroidApps Review

Android Apps Review is another ann review website that is relatively new and still growing. This website is filled with quality content about Android, and iOS, tech updates, quality apps categorized properly, and a lot of reviews.

This website owners assure of providing honest Android app reviews, breaking news, and Android promo/discount codes.

You may check and publish your apps for review and growth on this platform for $59 which is a bit higher considering the low traffic on this website.

Domain Authority – 35

Monthly Traffic – 100

20. Reviews Peeper

Reviews Peeper is another popular review platform that does app reviews as well. With 60+ domain authority, this app review website claims good authority on the internet and is trustworthy for genuine reviews.

Reviews Peeper has a mission of building trust between buyers and sellers in an ethical marketplace. Reviews Peeper is a good place for small-scale business owners, individual startups, and app developers.

You may consider getting your app review published on this platform and gain the initial kickstart.

Domain Authority – 60

Monthly Traffic – 1000+

Contact Reviews Peeper


There are tons of app review sites that are not genuine and running scams to promote your app for a certain amount of money. Please avoid losing your hard-earned money. Take a call based on your research and website domain authority. You can check any website’s domain authority on platforms like Ubersuggest, SemRush, etc.

Final Thoughts

Being an app developer I understand the pain of going blank after completing app development. Working hard and creating apps is not enough in this competitive market flooded with tons of apps. That’s why we have compiled 20 app review sites in this article and we hope after reading this article your app would have gotten the exposure that it deserves.

Having your app reviewed by reputable websites can significantly enhance its visibility and user base. A few of the best picks by Today’s TechWorld are AppAdvice, TechCrunch, CNET, and 148Apps.

The top 20 app review websites mentioned in this article offer valuable insights, expert opinions, and comprehensive coverage across various platforms. By utilizing these platforms, app developers can gain exposure, attract users, and receive valuable feedback to improve their apps. Remember to research each website’s submission guidelines and follow the instructions for the best chances of having your app reviewed.

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